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Anchorage Home Search is designed to be the home base for your home search, the best tool in your kit.  It's a one stop shop - you can view properties from Big Lake to Girdwood, narrow your search using our advanced search technology, learn about different neighborhoods in Anchorage, even get to know our team better.  Whatever your real estate needs, chances are you'll be able to address them without ever leaving our site.


Every property in Anchorage & beyond - at your fingertips

Anchorage Home Search is linked to the Alaska Multiple Listing Service (MLS), which means every time a property is listed, it's immediately available to you, whether it's in Anchorage, Wasilla, Girdwood, and everywhere in between.  Browse photos, view property details, and more, all from your living room.  Our link to MLS also guarantees that the information you're seeing is current at all times, so while other buyers muddle through obsolete listings, you can breathe easy knowing you're up to the minute.


Search smarter, not harder

Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of property on the market?  We're here to help.  Our advanced search technology allows you to pinpoint the properties that match your criteria and forget the rest.  Define an epicenter on a map and search within a specific radius.  Eliminate every property that doesn't have a fireplace by simply checking a box.  You can even search for properties based on which high school you'd like your kids to attend.  If you know your criteria, we'll know which properties are right for you.


Love your neighborhood

 With over 30 years in Anchorage real estate, our team knows every area of Anchorage.  Bayshore is just right for connected family living.  Goldenview lives up to its name with breathtaking inlet & mountain vistas.  Airport Heights is perfect for young couples looking for a revamped Midtown neighborhood, and Bootleggers Cove offers vibrant & contemporary downtown living.  Whatever floats your boat, we can help you determine where to drop your anchor.


Get to know the Real-person, not just the Realtor

 We know that every home has a story, and the same goes for people.  One of our primary missions is to develop a relationship with you and be your Realtors - and friends - for the long haul.  So while some "professionals" look at you as dollar signs, we see real people with real stories, just like us.


So there you have it.  Have a look around our site, start narrowing your search, and contact us with any questions you might have, big or small.  We are ready, willing, and able to help you achieve your real estate goals!


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