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Anchorage Alaska Homes-great Interest Rates on LoansWhen I went to real estate school in Anchorage Alaska to learn to sell homes and condominiums in 1983, mortgage interest rates had been been 12 and 13 percent in the past years. I remember the teachers and seasoned real estate licensees telling the class that interest rates under 10 percent was good for business. "As long as rates remain under ten percent, real estate will sell and the market will remain strong", they said.

Fortunately for my career, and completely outside of my control or knowledge, interest rates slowly decreased over the next 30 years. For conversation purposes, let's assume a $200,000 loan and look at the difference in the principal and interest portion of the monthly payment. My example is simplified for illustration purposes. In

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Why live with a wrinkle?By far, the least expensive thing you can do to spruce your house up might be to declutter and throw away things you don't need. Next to that, painting might take more time, but certainly isn't expensive. The right combination of paint can make a room feel cleaner and larger!

The next, next thing, has to be new carpet or laminate flooring. I can't tell you how often I see people living with wrinkles in their carpeting - and it's such easy fix to have it re-stretched. Well, I say that and remember that you have to get your furniture out of the room so it can be re-stretched properly.

Inexpensive Home Improvement-new carpetI love before and after photo's, don't you? In the first photo, notice the wrinkle in the carpet? This is a home owner who took my advice and intstalled a new carpet.

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I showed a house to a family last week for the second time. The house was in great shape and appeared to be price well. The kids had picked out their bedrooms and mom and dad were mentally placing furniture. I figured I would be writing they offer.

The next morning I recieved an email from the buyers saying they had decided to keep looking. Courious why the change, I asked Parents Can Watch Out For Undesirable Neighbors via Sex Offender Registrywhat it was about that house they had decided against. Turns out, they had looked at the State of Alaska Website where people convicted of sex crimes are required to register and discovered someone registered a block away and didn't want their kids growing up in that neighborhood.

Alaska's purchase and sale process encourages sellers to look at the website for registered

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Closing Costs Can Vary depending on the Type Of LoanThe average "guy on the street" doesn't understand closing costs I'm understanding. I say that because I ran into a situation a few days ago with a FSBO, a For Sale By Owner, person who had just bought a house directly from the seller without a real estate agent representing them. They were telling me how they saw an ad in the newspaper and a scheduled open house so they went, looked and made an offer on the property. I asked a few questions about the agreement such as "When are you closing?", "Are you doing a home inspection?" and "Have you ordered the appraisal yet?

When answers to the question sounded a little vague; I asked the buyer how they split the closing costs? The buyer said they agreed to split the closing costs between the buyer and seller

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Real Estate has been at the cornerstone of most of the wealth in the United States, if not the entire world. This is completely true of home ownership in Anchorage, Alaska! If you study any traditional wealthy family, you will undoubtedly find serious real estate holdings at the core of their wealth.

Increase Your Net Worth In Anchorage Alaska Real EstateI admit that real estate can be cyclical, just like any other investments. There can be a knack to "when to buy and when to sell", but the nice thing about real estate is it is so flexible and there are always multiple options of steps you can take if you are going through a down or soft market. I won't go into that right now and will talk about that more at a later time.

There are at least five major reason's that real estate makes sense to own:

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An old-school MLS book from 1978Here is a flash from the past! A client of mine was cleaning out his house to get ready to list the home to sell. In the top of a closet, he found the MLS Book I am holding in my hand in the photo on the left.

"Back in the day," as your grandpa says, our local Multiple Listing Service, or MLS, put out a catalog each week that was broken down by area and then price and sorted alphabetically.

Agent would keep the catalog with them when they were showing property. If you drove by a sign, you could pull out the book, look up the property and find out the details on that property listing.

Of course, computers and the Internet have greatly changed the way MLS works today. Information can move much more efficiently between MLS and real estate agents.

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Military Has Tremendous Impact on Anchorage EconomyAlaska is a strategic location for the US Military. Troops based at JBER, or Joint-base Elmendorf Richardson, are less than 9.5 hours from 90% of the industrial world. That means the United States can put "boots on the ground" to most of the world inside of one long day which is a huge tactical advantage for the United States.

Over fifteen percent (15%) of Alaskan's employment and personal employment is directly related to military personnel and the Department of Defense.

These families, like any other, like to meld with the community, establish relationships and buy homes in neighborhoods within an hours commute from JBER such as the east side of Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugach and Peters Creek as well as the communities of Wasilla and Palmer that

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Anchorage Alaska Homes and Condo's Get Home Inspection Buying a property? A home inspection is a worthy investment - even if you are buying "as-is" and either cannot or not planning on asking the seller to make repairs.

Why? You will learn about the property you are buying. This may help you plan and budget for repairs that you might be facing in the future.

A home inspector will look first for code items known as "Life and Safety". These are things the municipality or other governing body dictates need to be done to protect the property inhabitants. When traumatic events happen such as fires, floods and earthquakes, property failures are studied and sometimes codes are adapted hopefully to circumvent tragedies in the properties.

Examples of Life Safety requirements are smoke detectors; carbon

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Taxes are paid on a calendar year on real Property in Anchorage Alaska. Interestingly, the Municipality of Anchorage send out the "assessment" or valuation in mid-May each year. Usually within 30 days, the multiplier called the "mill-rate" is announced. The assessed value multiplied by the mill-rate gives property owners the tax due for that calendar year.

The Municipality of Anchorage sends either the owner or their lender the tax bill. Taxes are due in two installments, but the due dates are close together. The first installment, or first half of the year is due June 15th and the second half is due August 15th.

Property Tax is Due in Anchorage Alaska Real EstateTaxes are generally prorated at closing with the seller owning for the number of days they owned the property, and the buyer owing for the

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