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On any given Sunday, you'll see Open House signs on the street corner of good neighborhoods. Everyone knows you can follow the signs New Construction Open Houses Work on Weekendsto the house and view it easily during the open house.

Open Houses are, at the least, a tradition; but do they actually sell houses? Well, that's a debatable subject depending on who you are talking to. If it has been 10 years or longer since you were a buyer looking for a home, you might be surprised how much things have changed in marketing of real estate. According to the National Association of Realtors back in 1995, only 2% of polled buyers reported the Internet as instramental in the home they purchased. My, how times have changed! In 2009 94% of buyers said their first exposure to the home they ended up buying was

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Home sellers, when looking at the buyers home inspection, often ask if a recommended repair is "grandfathered" because it has always been that way since they bought the house.

What does the term "grandfathered in" or "grandfather rights" mean? The common interpretation of the term means that "something that was once permitted building codes can continue to be, although the code or law has changed."

In Alaska, both Anchorage city limits and rural area's, occasionally have homes that may have been built prior to zoning. An example of an acceptable grandfather rights could be a zoning change prohibiting homes without a garage or possibly a zoning change requiring home built over 30 feet (or some distance) from the lot line. If the zoning change

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A HELOC, or Home Equity Line of Credit, is a line of credit on your home which allows you to write a check off your homes equity. This is very useful for being able to make large purchases essentially by paying cash. A HELOC loan is secured by your home as a HELOC can be Just Like Cashsecond mortgage, or in second place to your first deed of trust.

There are individuals who can buy a “fixer upper” with their HELOC line of credit, repair the house, and then either refinance the house to get their money back or sell the property (flip it) to repay their line of credit. In a some cases, cash is the only way to buy a property or it is necessary if there are multiple offers on the property. It can be very handy for a disciplined person to use, but could be dangerous for some people;

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The Internal Revenue Service has a tax break that smart investors use to defer real estate tax on investment properties. This doesn't apply to the property you live in, either your primary residence or your vacation home. The tax break is for income property, rental property, investment properties - that is property held for business use.Investors Will Carfully Calculate Thier Numbers

The tax benefit allows savvy investors who want to grow their money to leverage their money and to buy more real estate today and to defer the tax down the road.

There is a lot to the IRS Code, but the simple thing to remember is that it is possible to sell an income property and to leverage your money into a larger property and not pay the IRS as long as you follow a few specific rules fairly carefully.

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Not that uncommonly, people tell me "if you see a good deal, keep me in mind!" Of course I say I will and I really like hearing that. Faithfully, I jot a note and try to keep them in mind, but as the days fly by - each with a thousand different details and pressures that Working on your Real Estate Investment Portfolioneed attention IMMEDIATELY, it's easy for a house, duplex or other multifamily property to slip by my notice.

Here is a way you can help me and the Wolf Real Estate Professionals, help you proactively and we can work together to secure you the investment you are watching for.

I know you know it - Now is a great time to make a purchase! Prices have been either flat or slightly declined in the Anchorage, Matsu and Eagle River markets for every bit of five years, since 2007. With

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My son Cody looking back - Dad?  Are you Rowing?I was asked to share a few thoughts with a group of new real estate licensee's last week. The students wanted to hear about the work I've done on blogging. Someone asked me about what I thought were my some of my better blog entries. That's a "head scratcher" because I've had quite a few I thought were insightful.I had to look back through some blogs to give share with you a few of my better Blog posts and articles on my perspectives on Anchorage Alaska real estate.

What does "Grandfathered In" mean in Real Estate? Funny, you hear people through around the word "grandfathered" pretty commonly. What does it mean and what things can actually be Grandfathered" in?

Buyer and Seller Personal Perspectives in Real Estate Transactions; Is the glass half

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