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If you are preparing your house to sell it or just simply maintaining it well, there are a number of inexpensive things you can do yourself to improve your property.

Asphalt Get Tired and Cracked Over TimeIn the past, I've mentioned paint as being the least expensive and highest "bang for the buck" you can do. I've talked about new flooring as being a huge "game changer".

I've talked about changing out light fixtures to either better ones, or update color to something more contemporary and modern. Another thing that anyone who can drive a screwdriver can do is change doorknobs from brass to brushed nickle or bronze.

Another thing you can do yourself for under $200 is to reseal your asphalt driveway. It's great maintenance to fill in the cracks to keep water from getting under the

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Let's face it; Your home is YOUR home, YOUR space, YOUR castle. It is very difficult to be completely objective when it comes to your own home - and YOU NEED to be if you want to be successful selling your property.

Mistake 1 - Overlooking Basic Home Flaws - Is the carpet tired? Is the trim nicked up? You've lived in the home that way. Maybe you've lived there for years and slowly, after one thing and another, things just slowly became worn, nicked, tired and dated. To get the best price and fastest sale, you need to deal with it. Most buyers want a "turn key" home, not a home they work on - and those looking for a fixer-upper are looking for a "deal", one they can buy cheaply and gain sweat equity. It is very difficult to price for tired condition,

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Dad and Son sharing a moment in the home kitchenThe National Association of Realtors published a report I read recently. The report was interesting, because it was similar to a "Readers Digest" condensed version of a number of studies by other professional academia individuals touching on the subject of home ownership.

I found the report interesting partly because the report wasn't NAR propaganda; it wasn't written to necessarily sell more homes, but from the perspective of education, family values and gaining community strength and more knitted neighborhoods.

In short, the study said there are major benefits to home ownership, besides the obvious roof over you head, the tax advantages and the historic fact that your financial net worth will probably increase over time.

The High Points were:

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