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Smaller homes, sometimes called "entry level", starter homes or even first-time buyer homes are generally the most sought after homes in any market. That is because at the lower end of the market there are more buyers looking for a nice, clean affordable home to get started in.  As families get larger and build equity, many families tend to need, or want, larger homes.

First Time home buyers want clean homes well maintainedIn Anchorage, the availability of building lots or should I say "suitable land for development", isn't plentiful. I know that sounds odd, because Alaska is the largest State in the U.S., right?  The reason for the land shortage is because Anchorage is sandwiched between the Chugach Range mountains, also known as the Anchorage hillside, and Cook Inlet which borders Anchorage on the south

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I was standing on the deck at a friends house, looking down on Cook Inlet, Fire Island and the city of Anchorage on the horizon.  A The View from this hillside ranch home is massive!747 airliner was in view approaching the Ted Stephens International Airport.  Frankly, the view is simply beyond words.  When I said that to my friends who own the home, they commented that "You know, coming home to this view can make you forget a lot of the day's stress."  I believe that to be true.  The privacy and view are truly calming.

People who have had a big view, or even just a private view from their windows looking into trees and not into a neighbors window, will tell you they would have a difficult time learning to live without the wide open spaces out of their windows.  For many, the view is as important, as

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Dream Home Views are exclusive in Anchorage Luxury Homes Luxury Homes!  Just the name feels exclusive and elegant! It is true the upper end of the real estate market is a small market where properties are more expensive and the buyers who live in these homes know what they want in a home. This isn't your first time home-buyer market.  These buyers have "been there - done that" and certainly want a home that is uncommon and exclusive. These special homes can vary and the homes amenities vary as much as the people who buy them.  What is a bonus feature for one family may not make the cut for another family but generally these homes share certain features in common.

Location - You've heard the old adage, location, location, location.  It makes all the difference; you can remodel and improve the structure, but

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There are people who love Anchorage, but don't like the long winters. For many of these folks, their days of skiing and snow machining are behind them, yet, they consider themselves Alaskans and don't want to completely leave. Alaska can have great summers, but the winters can get a little long - and short days affect some people - that is known as cabin fever. Some of them have children and/or grandchildren in Anchorage and would never want to be away from their families very long.

Snowbirds can love Alaska in the summer and migrate in the winterThese people often become "snow birds" or people who migrate south to warmer climates, like the ducks and geese, when the weather gets cold.  They return in the spring when it gets too hot in the south and the snow is gone in Alaska.

There is a certain sort of property

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Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find a single level home in Anchorage - that is one without stairs?  It can be difficult to find a well maintained ranch home with style!  Have you ever wondered why?

Ranch stylehome in westpark sub in Anchorage AlaskaThere are several logical reasons for this; one reason is they cost more to build than a two story home or the common split level home.  The reason is they cost more is that the foundation is bigger to get a reasonable sized home, and the roof is bigger. Think about it...a split level could be 1,500 square feet and the foundation under the first floor is only 700 of those feet; in a ranch you need enough concrete to  do the entire 1,500 feet - the same thing is true of the roof. Another reason is city lots are small and a ranch generally covers more

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From Cottage to Luxury Home - West Anchorage is convenient to Anchorage Coastal TrailsAnchorage is blessed to have a paved trail that runs along the west edge of Anchorage from downtown Anchorage all the way past Ted Stevens International Airport to Kincaid Park as the southwest boundary.  There are many homes and condos either close to, or even backing, to the this paved bike trail, known as the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail, after former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles. Turnagain Subdivision is home to many people for many reasons; it's one of the oldest and most established neighborhoods in Anchorage, it's close to the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail and minutes from downtown as well as mid-town and's just plain cool to live there!

The trail is well used for walkers, bikers and runners in the summer months and skiers and walkers all

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