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When you are selling your Alaskan home in a perfect world, you would price it competitively with the competition, and the house would be neat, organized and spotlessly clean when you left for work every morning,right?  That is home selling 101, for sure.  You are appealing to a buyers basic senses when they walk through the door and the first thing Anchorage Alaska Real Estatethey see is clean and cared for. 

There is another basic sense that can easily be overlooked, yet is very important - the sense of smell.  That is why you'd have bread in the oven before the open house or cookies baking in the oven.  You want the house to smell good, like when you were a kid and your mom made something yummy!  

Sometimes when a home is shut up it smells musty and damp and that is a turn

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Homes for sale in Anchorage AlaskaMost home buyers never give a second thought to their well and septic systems - and why should they?  When they work which is nearly always, you don't even know they are underground. On-site wells and septics are generally invisible and made to be fool proof.

This blog article is for the folks who want to live out of town and away from the lots with city water and sewer on them.  In Anchorage, that is the peripheral areas, far west Anchorage towards Kincaid Park or southeast "hillside" areas where city services haven't made it to, and may not ever get there.

On-site systems are strictly regulated by the State of Alaska (Department of Environmental Conservation) outside of the Anchorage area and by the Municipality in the Anchorage area. Protecting

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Play where you live!  Your home can be an extension of your hobbies and your interests. You can find a home in the greater Anchorage area that fits your passion and has room for your hobbies. There are many opportunities if you look for them in houses and condominiums in Anchorage Alaska real estate. If you you can dream it, you can have it! 

Lake Front / Water frontage  properties.  There are a lot of lakes in Southeast Alaska including Campbell Lake, Sand Lake, Lake Hood and Delong Lake.  There are homes that have float planes on dock in their yard and homes on lake front for the view and unique water birds and fishing opportunities.  Whatever your passion, there might a lake home you can enjoy.  Prices vary widely from million-plus homes in

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There are several things homeowners can do to prevent cold weather and winter related problems with their home or simply limit any anxiety when the cold weather arrives.   I have accompanied buyers to many home inspections and I've heard what the inspectors tell new home owners as well as my personal experience from living many winters in the Anchorage area.  Here is my "prepare for winter home check-list."

1.  Check your smoke detectors batteries.  Batteries can fail at the crummiest times, like 2am on a Sunday night the night before an important meeting at work.  Make sure the smoke detector is working properly.  In the winter, you'll have your doors and windows shut up more than you do in the summer.  A car running in the garage or a pin hole crack

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A professional realtor opinion of value on Alaska Real EstateWhen you are considering selling your real estate, it is good to consult with a professional real estate person.  When I say a professional Realtor, I mean a person who is actively showing and selling similar properties, to get their opinion on things like your properties value, the overall market at the current time and recommended things you might to do to enhance your property's appeal for sale such as staging or needed cosmetic updating.

You see, if you are like most people you don't sell property every day, am I right?  The information you see might be comparing to is limited to your own street or properties you drive by in the neighborhood.

A professional real estate agent has access to more information such as how many properties are on the

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