October 2012

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I have some very good news concerning real estate, specifically residential single family homes in the greater Anchorage area.  

Real estate Anchorage AlaskaFirst, in the way of history, to set a perspective, real estate sales have been basically flat in volume between 2007 and 2010;  Actually looking backwards at the numbers, it looks like 2009 was the bottom of the market as far as Anchorage goes because the number of sales were lower that year than they were in 2006, 2007 or 2008.  

As of third quarter this year, Realtors have sold 150 more homes this year over the same period last year!  That is a 10% increase in sales.  That is major news!  We haven't seen an increase in the number of sales in five years.  

Average sales prices have been between $322,000 and $330,000

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Homes for sale in Anchorage AlaskaThe most important home purchase you ever make is the very first home you buy in Anchorage!

For most people, the path of home-ownership is a series (more than one) of exciting life-enhancing steps starting with the very first home or condo you purchase, and working your way towards a dream home over time.

It would be very unusual for a first-time buyer to imagine they will retire in the first home they buy.  Wouldn't that put you under a lot of pressure if we thought the first home you purchased would  have to last "for the rest of your life?"  I guess it could happen, but it would certainly be unusual for the average American and certanly Alaska-folks!

I would guess maybe 40 percent of us get to a stage in their life where they considering

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