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Consumer real estate search habits are changing and so are the tools used to search for property - and  a lot more tools for researching various things like neighborhoods, schools and financing options.

iPad, wolf real estate professionals, homes for sale in anchorage alaskaA decade ago, real estate agents controlled the listings via the Multiple Listing Service. For a long time, Realtors felt their value was in the information. That has changed over time as the information has become public and easily accessed by everyone.  For a long period of time, data was dispersed to agents much like a catalog, delivered several times per month.  The Internet has has rapidly changed everything.  The information is broadcast immediately and everyone can have lots of photo's and a "virtual walk-through" from the privacy of their own

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Real Estate Anchorage AlaskaWhen I am visiting with a potential property seller about marketing their home, we often visit about what we'll be doing to market their home.  Over the last 10 years, marketing trends have been changing. Somethings that worked in the past may not work as well today.  Ten years ago, we, the real estate community, got a lot more mileage out of signs and flyer's on the curb as well as sending copies of our new home listings via snail mail to their offices. 

Nowadays, consumers are more apt to do a lot of the leg work on their couch at home with their laptop, phone or other mobile device.  Real estate agents know this, so they take quality photos of the properties they are marketing and get all information to the Internet so buyers can get the information

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I had a good customer ask me recently "Does it really matter if my house is on the market between November and February?" What they are asking is "Do homes even sell in the winter time in Anchorage?"

Homes for sale in Anchorage AlaskaSure, many people are busy and distracted by the holidays, but there are buyers in the market for real estate between November and February inspite of the shorter days, cold and snow. Sure, it can be a bit of a hassle because there are things going on, but if you aren't on the market, your certainly won't sell.  There are some good reason's to be on the market during the holiday period.

1. There are fewer homes on the market during the holidays.  That means less competition for your property.  Less competition might mean a higher price to you!


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Anchorage Alaska Real EstateYuck! Ugh and Bummer!  We had a transaction fall through today; Realtors in Alaska call that a "DFT" or "Deal Fell Through."  Everyone, seller and agents, are very disappointed.

Here is what happened in this situation.  The seller had done a real nice remodel and update of the house.  In fact, they had a designer come through the house to make suggestions and make sure the house really sparkled.  The home was staged and the floor-plan flowed nicely. The kitchen is remarkable with a new design, brand new cabinets, slab granite counter tops and new stainless steel appliances. No wonder the buyer liked the house!  Of course, the seller completed the State required "Seller's Property Disclosure" in which they would note any problems they knew about in the

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