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Anchorage Alaska Homes For SaleI mentioned in this blog, just a few weeks ago, how the outlook for 2013 was pretty good for the Anchorage Alaska real estate market.  In that entry, I mentioned a number of factors that makes us all a bit optimistic for the year to come.  Recently, though, I've come across a pair of articles telling us further that the Anchorage market is in pretty good shape.

According to an article published in the Anchorage Daily News on January 26th, we saw a fairly stable year in terms of residential real estate sales.  Despite having fewer units for sale than in 2011, most neighborhoods saw a net gain in numbers sold and in average sales price.

Of course, one thing to bear in mind as you look at the handy graph they have in that article is that Anchorage

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Even in a down economy, prime real estate sells fast. Anyone who has shopped for their perfect homHomes in Anchorage Alaskaed missing a great opportunity. Anchorage Alaska real estate is no exception. Whether you are looking for a condo in downtown Anchorage or a stunning single-family home near a top-rated school in one of our suburbs, following these five tips will increase your chances of not missing that perfect property.

1.  Get pre-approved. Being pre-approved shows the seller you are a serious buyer and gives you more negotiating power. It can also speed up the financing approval process, allowing you to close on your home faster.

2.  Don't complicate your offer. If a seller has numerous buyers to choose from, they may pass on your offer if it just seems too complicated.

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Homes In Anchorage AlaskaAccording to recent article in the Anchorage Daily News as well on Alaska Dispatch, the Planning and Zoning Commission is holding a public hearing regarding our city's land use zoning code. Portions are still being evaluated like lighting issues, or how close a house may be to a stream, but a few sections have a direct effect on homes for sale in anchorage alaska. Local developers and builders as well as the real estate community say the changes will certainly cause prices to increase.  

Here are a few changes to note that may impact a buyer's purchase decisions.

Garden style homes, sometimes called patio-homes and townhouses appeal to buyers who want low maintenance and affordable housing. Considering how much wetter and colder Anchorage's summer

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Real estate anchorage alaskaFrom the phone calls we've received this year it appears that there are a fair number of couples looking to buy a home this year, both first time buyers and 'move-up' buyers.  In a quick interoffice poll we found that dual income married couples seem to be the predominate home shoppers right now.  Roughly two out of three  purchasers are married.  

A typical first time home buyer is 31 years old and purchases a home with with approximately 4 percent down payment on their homes according to a recent poll.  Buyers tend to start the process by looking at homes online.  Once they pick an agent they are comfortable working with they view an average of ten properties together before they make an offer on a home.  

The most common loans selected by buyers

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Anchorage alaska real estateThe upcoming year for Anchorage, Alaska real estate may depend a lot on the government, both Federal and State, in terms of both funding and regulations.

According to this article from the Alaska Journal of Commerce, there's good reason to be cautiously optimistic about both construction and real estate in 2013.

The Associated General Contractors of Alaska won’t release its full construction forecast until February, but Executive Director John MacKinnon said the civil construction outlook is positive. With an anticipated decline in Department of Defense spending for 2013, military construction could slow down substantially. However, it’s possible that decrease could be offset by state spending. It all depends on how the final state capital budget

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homes for sale in anchorage alaskaOn January 1st this year, both the House and Senate passed legislation to avert the "fiscal cliff."

The bill was signed into law by President Obama on January 2nd.  

Here is an article from the National Association of Realtors summarizing real estate provisions of this new bill.  I believe it is an objective article just giving the facts of the new bill without any polical opinion to it.

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