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Anchorage may seem like a world away, but it is a thriving and growing metropolis that is a great place to relocate. 

When one thinks of Alaska, the first thought that may come into mind is 'cold'. but Alaska is not cold all year round. According to, the temperatures in the summer can reach as high as 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The winter is not all terrible either, with the lowest average high being 21 degrees Fahrenheit. It is still recommended in all seasons to wear layers of clothes, especially those designed to wick moisture 

homes for sale in Anchorage Alaskafrom the body like wool.

Anchorage is also a great place for entertainment. Also many music groups have also appeared in Anchorage. These include a Pink Floyd laser light show and the Anchorage Symphony

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The subject of home maintenance can be applied to any location regardless of the style and construction. Although, the construction materials of the home do necessitate the style of maintenance applied i.e. a brick home with or without a basement or a wood home with or without a basement. Maintaining a home, whether or not you are a first time buyer or buying your third house is a matter of great importance because of the effect poor maintenance can have.

homes in Anchorage alaska

One of the major aspects in selling homes is the condition of the property, and the condition of the interior and the exterior of the home itself. This means the electrical, heating and or air conditioning, the siding, paint, and general appearance of the home determine how easy and quickly the home

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Are you a prospective real estate property buyer with a budget? Anchorage Alaska offers multiple prospects for the homebuyers-to-be and offers them various other options apart from conventional real estate properties through which they can live on their budget and also get a new place to live in. For all those Anchorage home-buyers who are willing to do a little bit of homework, a fixer upper home might offer you opportunities to save your dollars. The fixed upper-houses are real estate properties that need certain kind of repairs and this is usually taken by people who wish to appraise and appreciate the value of the property and also live at the house at the same time.

Anchorage Alaska Homes for sale

The definition of a fixed upper house can vary widely ranging from those that

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