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How The Alaska MLS Offers More Exposure For Buyers and SellersThe Alaska MLS Helps Buyers and Sellers

When it comes to property listings, it is all about the amount of traffic a listing receives. This is why the Alaska MLS is an important part of home selling or buying in Alaska.

Whether you are looking to purchase a house or sell your current home, the more visitors you receive to a house listing and the more access you have to new listings for potential homes is going to greatly and drastically improve your chances of buying/selling the home.

While it is possible to follow through with a varied of selling options, taking advantage of the Alaska MLS, or Multiple Listings Service, is necessary. This is going to help spread the listings out over different Internet sites and the Alaska MLS is going to

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How to Read an Alaska MLS ListingWhat is the Alaska MLS

An Alaska MLS listing is a multiple listing service is that is a database of real estate properties listed by a licensed real estate agent. Each one of these homes have their own individual listing.

When you are looking for a home, you are probably going to be looking at a lot of different Alaska MLS listing. Using our website is the best way to find out all of the details of the homes.

6 Steps to Reading an Alaska MLS Listing

There are several steps in reading an Alaska MLS Listing. The first step is to read the MLS number, the status of the listing, and the listing price. These can all be found at the top of the Alaska MLS listing.

The Alaska MLS number helps you and the National Association of Realtors to identify

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Keeping up with home maintenance is one of the best ways to be prepared when it’s time to sell your home. Summer here in Anchorage means longer days and warmer weather, which is why now is the perfect time to tend to some outdoor projects you may have been putting off.

Homes for Sale in Anchorage Alaska

 Any outdoor painting projects should ideally be done in the summer. Check your home and garage for signs of peeling or flaking paint, and then add a new coat if necessary.

Flower gardens should be thoroughly mulched and weeded in order to provide curb appeal for your property. Trim bushes and prune back any tree limbs that may be unruly.

Wash down exterior siding and clean windows both inside and out. You should also clean and organize your garage, taking care to remove

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Shoud You Buy or Rent Anchorage Real Estate? When deciding to rent or buy Anchorage real estate, it is not about the numbers only. There are other factors to think about. This includes emotions, your family and other personal reasons. All of these things affect your home-buying or renting decision.

Although we at Wolf Real Estate Professionals do not have a crystal ball to tell you what your future looks like for your family, job and income, we can help you understand the process. The process that you will encounter as you begin to contemplate buying a home in Anchorage.

Living in the moment is a great concept, but when it comes to buying Anchorage real estate you need to take a step back and ask yourself what you can afford and if it makes sense to rent or buy.

After examining that

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Finding an Anchorage House for Sale in the Right NeighborhoodSo you are ready to an Anchorage house for sale and you are not sure what neighborhood to choose? We can help!

The first step to finding the right neighborhood is not learning about the neighborhoods in Anchorage, but figuring out WHAT YOU WANT in a neighborhood.

After you find what you want in a neighborhood, then you can explore Anchorage neighborhoods and compare them to your list.

Unfortunately we can't read your minds through this blog. But we can tell you the top things that most of our clients look for when searching for an Anchorage house for sale in the right neighborhood.

1 Proximity to Jobs. If you are looking for an Anchorage house for sale you are going to want to be sure that it is close to your job, or decent paying jobs within

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Found an Anchorage House for Sale, Now What? 4 Things to Look For Before You BuyYou've found an Anchorage house for sale that you like and you have your down payment and preapproval ready. Time to buy!!! Right? Wrong.

There are still a few things that could go wrong. Our experience has taught us to never rush through closing the deal on an Anchorage house for sale until you've done all of your homework.

We don't want you to make a purchase and then end up with the dreaded... BUYERS REGRET. We hate those two words and so should you!

Here's what you should never ignore once you've found your dream home.. but before you sign on the dotted line:

4 Things to Look For Before You Buy an Anchorage House for Sale

1 Don't ignore the cost of maintenance and repair. Here's the problem. Many buyers find an Anchorage house for sale

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Anchorage Foreclosed HOmesOne reason home buyers look for Anchorage foreclosed homes is to fix them up! There are many reasons why:

  • You may want to build a home but can't afford the cost of a new build. Finding Anchorage foreclosed homes to flip could be a great alternative
  • You may enjoy the thrill of finding old and run down homes and redoing them
  • You may be looking for a business opportunity and are interested in making a profit by flipping homes.

No matter what your reasons, finding the right home to flip is key to the success of your end goal.

However, in a sea of Anchorage foreclosed homes, many with pitfalls, you want to be sure you find the buried diamond in the rough that offers a real opportunity to turn a profit.

To do this you need to understand

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  Anchorage MLS - The Secret to DIY Online Home Search

The thing about finding a home is that it can take research and time.

Especially if you live in Anchorage, Alaska!  There are many purchase options that other home owners across the nation don't have to think about. Alaska is so vast and spread out, with a multitude of lifestyles, that finding a home  can be a unique experience. 
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Luckily the Anchorage MLS has replaced the old ways of finding homes. Using the mls online can make your finding a home on your own an easier process. 

What Is the Anchorage MLS

The Anchorage MLS (Anchorage multiple lising service or Anchorage multiple listings system) is a system that allows real estate brokers to share their listings with other real estate brokers across the…
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The Anchorage MLS Myth

One myth about the Anchorage MLS is that you can only search for residential properties. The truth is that the multiple listing service is has more in it than just homes for sale. There are many other property types that you can search for! 

This article will guide you through the different property types that are searchable through our website:    9 Property Types You Can Search For In The Anchorage MLS

Anchorage MLS - What Can I Search For?

1. Vacant Land - Remember the wild wild west days? When Americans from the east would travel west to buy parcels of land to build homes? That is about as American as the American Dream can get! Utilizing the Anchorage MLS you can find vacant land for sale to build your custom home or building on.
Purchasing vacant land for custom…
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