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How to Read an Alaska MLS ListingWhat is the Alaska MLS

An Alaska MLS listing is a multiple listing service is that is a database of real estate properties listed by a licensed real estate agent. Each one of these homes has their own individual listing.

When you are looking for a home, you are probably going to be looking at a lot of different Alaska MLS listing. Using our website is the best way to find out all of the details of the homes.

6 Steps to Reading an Alaska MLS Listing

There are several steps in reading an Alaska MLS Listing. The first step is to read the MLS number, the status of the listing, and the listing price. These can all be found at the top of the Alaska MLS listing.

The Alaska MLS number helps you and the National Association of Realtors to identify

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Alaska Land for Sale: 10 Mistakes to AvoidBuilding a new home on Alaska land for sale can be an incredibly intimidating prospect.

The work that goes involved is technical, vast, and much of it requires trusting professionals not just with your hard earned money, but also your high expectations. Add in the unique challenges of building on Alaska land for sale and you have a recipe for disaster if you do not proceed with caution.

Here are ten mistakes to avoid when looking to build on Alaska land for sale.

Alaska Land for Sale: 10 Mistakes to Avoid When Your Home

#1. Letting Anyone Other than You Have the Final Say

Everyone is going to have something important to tell you when you search for Alaska land for sale. Even if know more than you, have more experience, and have your best

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If you are looking for a great way to spruce up your yard with some hardy garden greenery that requires little to no maintenance than this is the list for you. In it we will outline some of best shrubs and hedges for your money that most anyone can plant, and that the upkeep is limited. Whether you are just looking for a wind-block, some privacy or to add some flair, a sturdy and hardy hedge is perfect. Although this list is mostly for the northern gardener and contains plants that can withstand the harsh Anchorage winter, many of these plants can be planted as far south as zone 9.

yew hedge maze

Boxwood: This hedge is perhaps the best known and the most versatile on the list. It is imbued with small green leaves that keep their color year round. The boxwood can

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Anchorage, Alaska is a charming city bordered on the east by the Chugach Mountains and enveloping Chugach State Park, the third largest State Park in the U.S., within its boundaries. Its southern Alaska location allows for milder year round temperatures and more winter sunlight hours than cities closer to the Arctic Circle, making it Alaska’s outdoor adventurers paradise. With boundless open spaces, trails, rivers and ski runs, each individual season offers a multitude of exhilarating Anchorage Outdoor activities in which to partake.

Sunbeams In Spring Forest

Summer days are long and mild in Anchorage, with between 17 and 22 hours of daylight per day and average highs of about 65 degrees. This allows for plenty of time to have fun outside. Summer adventures include:

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Anchorage Real EstateAnchorage is in one of the most beautiful and serene states in America. Although that's a good reason to purchase Anchorage real estate is not the only one.

Anchorage is not only beautiful, but buying real estate there is a good investment.

Here's Why You Should Buy Anchorage Real Estate and Why You Should Do It Now:

Anchorage is not as expensive as you might think. The good thing is that the cost of living is affordable, unlike other cities in United States. This is great for families and business owners.

Anchorage suburbs offer great value. If you are willing to live outside of Anchorage then you can look forward to great prices. You will only be minutes away from the city and still enjoy the amenities that come with buying Anchorage real

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