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The 6 Phases of Anchorage Foreclosed HomesAnchorage foreclosed homes offer an exciting opportunity for flipping, holding, renting, or living.

Anchorage foreclosed homes and apartment buildings offer a low price tag and a chance to make or save a lot of money. They go fast due to the quickly growing population and low vacancy rate of homes and apartments. This also means that home values and investments are more secure. To take advantage of these deals, you'll need some basic information on the timeline and phases of Anchorage foreclosed homes.

The 6 Phases of Anchorage Foreclosed Homes

Anchorage foreclosed homes go through 4-6 phases depending on a couple of factors. Understanding when to buy and where to get that information in very important, and very easy to understand.

Phase 1 -

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Are you relocating to Anchorage during the winter? If you're one of our neighbors to the south, you may imagine streets of igloos bathed in 24-hour-a-day darkness.Relocating to Anchorage During the Winter: 5 Tips

Let us be the first to tell you: Anchorage winters are beautiful, temperate, and boast plenty of daylight. Although the snow falls from mid-October through mid-April, we enjoy a pleasant maritime climate with highs in the lower 20s in our coldest month (December). And unlike Barrow on the northern border of Alaska (which sees 67 days of night during the winter), the shortest span of winter daylight is still over 5 hours. Not many complain when the Northern Lights take over, shooting vibrant shades of reds, blues, and greens across the sky as early as 8:00 p.m. during the winter.

5 Tips to

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Living in Anchorage has it's own unique set of challenges when it comes to maintaining a home in a cold weather climate.  When winter closes in, our residents often follow a comprehensive checklist as they prepare their homes for those long winter nights.

Many of the preparations are the same, or similar, to those performed on homes in the lower 48 where snow and ice are part of the landscape in winter.  The only difference is how you might be dealing with longer periods of time in a deep freeze here in Alaska.

This list can give you a fairly good idea of what you will be tackling as you prepare your home for the warm and cozy nights under the northern lights.

Cabin in winter forest


Anyone who has dealt with temperatures that drop below freezing is

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Do you have an Anchorage house for sale? Generally, people would recommend not putting money into your home prior to selling however, preparing the house and marketing it successfully is crucial.

9 Selling Anchorage House For Sale Lessons for a Quicker Sell

Here are 9 selling lessons to help sell your home more quickly and for the price you want. Follow these tips and your Anchorage house for sell will attractive more buyers than any other house on the block.

#1 - Appearance

How does your Anchorage house for sale look from the road? A majority of potential buyers will judge your Anchorage house for sale by the looks of the outside before even taking a step inside. Make sure you have mowed the lawn, pruned the flowerbeds and picked up kids toys

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For a young homebuyer, finding your favorite Anchorage house for sale can seem like a big step.  Buying an Anchorage house for sale will be one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. While making this decision, there are many things to consider when looking for an Anchorage house for sale. Anchorage House for Sale Tips for Young Buyers

The Process of Buying an Anchorage House For Sale

Before You Start

The first step is easy: check your credit report.  You can do it yourself at, or pay a company to do it for you.  Do this before you go to the lender, so you know ahead of time what they will find.  Check for accuracy and fix any mistakes you may find.  Also, take care of any negative entries before taking to the lender.  Knowing your credit score ahead

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It's easy enough for you, your spouse, and other adult members of your family to get excited about home buying. You can see the advantages of the new space, may be starting a new life, or accepting a new job. Your kids, however, may not feel the same way, specially if they're moving from the only home they've ever known. You can ease their transition by following a few tips.

Families with young children pay attention to sex offenders

  • Get them involved in the house-hunting process as soon as possible. Take them to visit homes with you and ask them their opinions about what they're seeing. Tell them to imagine what a room would look like if they were staying there.
  • Even before you finalize escrow, take them on visits to the new neighborhood. Show them the playgrounds, shopping centers, and other
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