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Alaska MLS Listing: 6 Things Every Home Listing Should HaveReady to sell your Alaska home? Did you know there were specific things that you could put in you Alaska MLS listing that could help your Alaska home sell more quickly and for a better price?

At our brokerage we have been doing real estate long enough to know a few selling secrets that help an Alaska MLS listing get more bang for its buck.

That's why it's important to hire professional Anchorage real estate agents to help you sell your home.

A beautiful picture is one thing, but serious buyers reads and examines the details. Little marketing techniques can make your home stand out fast.

On the reverse, the wrong words can ruin a sale.

When we put up an Alaska MLS listing here are some things we include:

1. Amenities Galore. We make sure

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Alaska Foreclosures: The Basics of Buying ForeclosuresBuying Alaska foreclosures is not easy nor guaranteed. If you are a beginner this blog will help you conquer the complications of buying a foreclosure

We have all seen the television ads, reality shows and marketing that show rich investors making easy money by buying foreclosures.

Yes it is possible to find Alaska foreclosures at a discount but there are a number of pitfalls as well.

There are 2 common downfalls of Alaska foreclosures

1. After fixing them up the total cost could equal retail value.

2. Not understanding the foreclosure process buying a money pit

Alaska Foreclosures: The Process

All Alaska foreclosures go through a process where the bank attempts to recover the amount owed on a defaulted loan. To do this to repossess

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Following is a graph provoded by Alaska Multiple Listing Service that gives a pretty good feel for how the market in Anchorage Alaska is fairing.  Generally speaking, you'll see the market was pretty flat, or not much increase in the average sale price between 2007 and 2011.  Then prices rose modestly in 2012 and again the average sale price was higher in 2013.

For prices to rise, the inventory of homes on the market needs to declining.  It's Supply and Demand, right?  There there are lots of homes on the market, the prices won't rise because of the comitition between similar homes.  There needs to be good demand for prices to increase.  Buyers want to buy and they want to get as much as they can in a house for their money.

The average sale price in

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Winter probably is not the ideal time to sell your home, but in Anchorage Alaska, winter is a long season.  People buy and sell homes when they are ready to and not everyone has the luxury of waiting for the weather to change. The good news is you can incorporate some easy home selling tips into your winter selling strategy.

Improve Curb Appeal

One of the first things you want to do is improve your curb appeal. Remove any exterior debris, trash cans or old vehicles.Salt your driveway and walkways to prevent slipping and sliding. Also, make sure to remove those Christmas lights once the holidays are over.

Bake Something

You may think it sounds crazy, but the smell of something baking can make homebuyers fall in love with a property.

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If your home is on the market, you’ve probably went to a great deal of trouble to stage it just right and ensure the front of it provides curb appeal. Now that the Christmas season is here, you may be wondering whether all that effort will go unnoticed if you put up holiday decorations. The fact is that the right décor can invoke a sense of warmth in your home, while also helping to highlight some of your most important features.

On the outside, use strands of Christmas lights to accent the best features of your home, but be sure not to go overboard. You should probably forego putting Santa and his reindeer on top of your roof, and keep oversized inflatable yard ornaments in storage this year. Even so, a delicate evergreen wreath on your front door

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Maintaining the exterior of your home or vacation home in Anchorage is a chore. Year round, you've got long grass, dead flowers, and dull colors to revive after harsh weather conditions. You've got to mow and edge your lawn and weed your flowerbeds in the summer. In addition, with the winter time ice and snow, the list just gets much longer.

Many people hire someone to take care of snow removal and yard upkeep, but this becomes expensive and doing it yourself is not only unpleasant; who has the time? If your thoughts on exterior maintenance are somewhat like this, then you should consider buying a condo instead of a home. This is because exterior maintenance comes along with the cost of your condo.

Condos in Anchorage range in price from $60,000,

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Come January 10, the rules created by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) are coming into effect. The 2010 Dodd-Frank financial overhaul law created the CFPB to curb the mortgage abuses of lenders during the real estate boom. To protect consumers, lenders cannot issue mortgages that borrowers may not be able to repay. Many institutions now follow these guidelines as an option. They become law next year.


Your debt payments, for example, can't total more than 43 percent of your monthly income. This includes all your obligations, such as mortgage payments and credit card balances. Lenders must also now verify eight specific factors when qualifying you. This includes income, assets, credit history, employment status, debt obligation,

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