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Real estate websites and auctions are making is easy for buyers to purchase Alaska foreclosed homes online. Here are a few rules to help you come out on top.

Alaska Foreclosed Homes: 6 Rules for Buying Online

Ready to hit the web and find Alaska foreclosed homes? Our piece of advice? Be serious, be precise and get ready for action... and always remember, even though it's a bargain... it's still a major purchase, so don't take it lightly.

Here are our top 6 rules for finding Alaska foreclosed homes on line to buy.

#1 Choose a good real estate website, like ours! www.AnchorageHomeSearch.com has a list of foreclosed properties ready for you to see. These properties come directly from REO listing agents and the Alaska MLS.

We are a Alaska real

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Finding an Alaska foreclosure can be very attractive to buyers who are looking to save money when buying a home. But all good deals come with a challenge...

Alaska Foreclosure Challenges

#1 Traditional or Foreclosed Sale?

Did you know that most Alaska banks do not want real estate professionals to advertise an Alaska foreclosure as "bank-owned" or "foreclosed"? This is because those terms have come to re-present negativity in the market.

Today's Alaska foreclosure:

  • Has no front lawn sign
  • Does not have the word "foreclosure" in the advertisements
  • Has no mention of "bank-owned" in the marketing materials

#2 Alaska Foreclosure Inventory Is Low

The market in Alaska got better this year. We were already low in foreclosures

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Housing experts have been predicting that borrowers will have to pay more for mortgages in 2014. This is partly due to fees ordered by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) that would affect all loans backed by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. However, incoming FHFA Chief Mel Watt announced that he will postpone, and maybe even cancel, the fees that were supposed to start April 1. 

Why it Matters?

If the fees are allowed to be implemented, the cost of borrowing money would drastically increase. Borrowers would have to pay the additional fee up-front or roll it into their interest rate, effectively raising their monthly mortgage payment. The exact amount depends on a lot of variables, including the amount of the loan and the borrower's credit.

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There are fewer houses on the Alaska real estate market right now, but there are advantages to buying an Alaska home for sale in the winter.

No matter what everyone says, buying in homes in Alaska in the winter is not a bad thing. Many people think that if you buy a home in the winter, you have missed the market window for the year.

Want to know the truth? There are pros and cons to buying an Alaska home for sale in the off season.

When Is The Buying Season for An Alaska Home For Sale?

In Alaska, buying a home for sale between May and September is considered the peak buying season. During the winter months, inventory is low, its cold and many homes come off the market so sellers can enjoy the holidays with their family.

During buying season

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In Alaska buying land is a large part of our real estate market. When prices are down, instead of buying a home or buying a second property, consider buying Alaska land for sale.

Alaska Land For Sale: Beginner's Guide To Buying Land

Even if you don't plan on building right away, you have the location and can build later.

But is buying land right for you? This article will cover the basics of buying Alaska land for sale.

First, everyone needs a place to lay their head and build a family, but not everyone needs Alaska land. That's a good thing because that there are fewer buyers.

But that could be a bad thing too... The Alaska land for sale you buy today could be harder to sell later.

Alaska lenders and banks know how hard it is to sell

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When you find Alaska foreclosure listings that you love and want to pursue, keep in mind this common problems that could cost you a lot of money.

Unless you are an experienced investor, buying a home based on Alaska foreclosure listings only and not physically seeing the property,  is not a good idea.

Buying an Alaska foreclosure can be risky, but there are some risks that you have to walk away from.

Here are some of the deal breaking problems that we have seen when helping our clients buy Alaska foreclosed homes.

Common Problems with Alaska Foreclosure Listings

1. Mold. Mold love water. Mold love humidity... mold love houses. If you walk into a foreclosed home with mold from ceiling to floor beware. Mold affects all homes, including

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We're used to snowy winters in Anchorage and welcome the white blankets as a signal of the season. We go about our daily business in cold conditions that would stop other cities dead in their tracks. But that doesn't mean you should remain complacent. There will be times when emergency conditions can trap you in your homes for days at a time. A good time to prepare for those situations is immediately after home buying.

  • If your home relies on gas or electricity for heating, look for alternative sources of heat. Wood-burning fireplaces are ideal but are costly to put in after-the-fact. Consider a wood-burning stove instead, which is far easier to install in a corner of a room.
  • If you run a business out of your home, you can't afford to be without
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According to Anchorage Multiple Listing Service, the real estate market in Anchorage and the greater outlaying areas are reallly doing well!  Check out the attached graph showing three years of average sales price and three years of residential sales volume, or the total of all the sales.  In volume, 2013 was nearly 19% better than 2012!  The average sales price was modestly up from $337,500 to $345,229.  Anchorage Alaska 2013 Sales Volume
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Selling your Anchorage property in the winter means less competition from homes that have been pulled from the market due to the cold. You also take advantage of potential buyers who are returning home for holiday celebrations or reunions. But you need to stage your home differently for cold weather by emphasizing its warm and comfortable environment.









First, make sure your interiors feel physically comfortable. Seal any cracks that let in cold drafts and weatherstrip around doors, windows, and vents. Clean or replace your furnace filter so your heating system can efficiently warm your rooms.

Bare spaces and smooth materials visually cool down a space. Make your rooms look warmer by adding patterns, layers, and

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Millennials (those born after 1982), are now rapidly approaching an age where buying a home is attractive. While many people in this category tend to stay in touch by texting, this isn’t always advisable when buying a property. In order to communicate efficiently, nothing beats face to face conversation to help potential buyers fully articulate their needs.

In order to find the right home, real estate agents need to get to know their clients somewhat. This can be difficult to do if their only communication with a buyer has been through electronic devices. Holding an informal meeting in person is perhaps the best way for agents and clients to ensure they are on the same page when it comes to finding the right property.

It can also be difficult to

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