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If you are relocating to Anchorage, Alaska, you will want to find the perfect home as well as the right neighborhood for your family. Anchorage snowbirds who rented part of the year often know a lot about the area. Whether you are a snowbird who has decided to buy or a professional relocating to Anchorage for a job, talk to your Realtor about what you want in a neighborhood. According to a recent real estate report by MoneyTalksNews, the right neighborhood is especially important for resale value. But a safe neighborhood is also important to people who want to retire. When visiting open houses or touring Anchorage homes for sales, look for clues that tell you it’s an up-and-coming neighborhood rather than one on the decline.     

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At first blush, you may think it’s a negative thing to own a modest or small home when home selling in Anchorage, Alaska. In reality, there is a huge demand for entry-level or starter type homes in Anchorage. While it’s true some real estate agencies advertise their luxury home listings, a good and reputable Anchorage Realtor will welcome homes in a lower price. According to an article by The Pueblo Chieftain, people who want to sell a modest home shouldn’t panic. Years ago, a lot of people followed the advice to buy a home you could afford in the best possible neighborhood. For many home owners in Anchorage, Alaska, that advice has paid off. You will likely be surprised by how much your home is worth even if it’s a small or modest abode.      


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Hosting an open house might seem like a fun part of home selling, but it’s not a social event for the seller as much as a chance for your Realtor to find you the best buyer. An ideal buyer offers full asking price or above with few if any concessions. Although they have the best intentions, some sellers make mistakes that negatively impact a possible sale. As a seller, there are things you can do to get ready for an open house. The worst mistake a seller can make is just leaving their home open for anyone to walk in without a Realtor present. Your Realtor can help you with the marketing and details for an open house to show off the best features of your Anchorage, Alaskan home. You     can also help by tidying up and deep cleaning.    

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Alaska has the most natural, untouched Alaska land for sale. With big lakes, miles of coastline and rivers, Alaska is a haven for nature lovers from across the world. The northern lights will leave you in awe and the vast landscape is picturesque and wild. Alaska land for sale is a buyer's market where you can buy a piece of land at good price. But before you purchase that beautiful, untamed Alaska land for sale, here are 5 tips to purchasing during the spring:

5 Tips to Purchasing Alaska Land During the Spring

1. Where do you want to buy?

In Alaska, it is all about location when looking at Alaska land for sale. You need to decide whether you want to live in a city, town or village. If you want to be in or near a city, your best bet is to buy

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It is springtime in Alaska and this is when buyers are actively looking for Alaska foreclosed homes. As a seller, it is your goal to sell homes as quickly as possible. Alaska foreclosed homes will be a big attraction as buyers think bargain. However, if they think bargain and enter a filthy, dark, cold house, they will move on to the next home on the list. This is where staging those Alaska foreclosed homes become very important in order for you to close the sale. What do you need to consider before showing prospective buyers the house? Here are 5 easy tips to staging your Alaska foreclosed home during the spring season:

5 Tips for Staging Your Home in the Spring

#1 Curb appeal

Alaska homes look uninspired during winter. Alaska foreclosed homes

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Winter is finally over and spring is here. Without the cover of snow, plus lots of sunlight, your Alaska house for sale may have some problems as a result of winter weather that if not addressed now, could cost thousands later.

With your house going on the market, it’s important to inspect you home from top to bottom for common winter damages and begin fixing them now.

5 Post Winter Repairs for Your Anchorage House for Sale

Repair #1 Roofs – The first thing to be affected by winter is the roof. With the heavy snow and strong winds the roof and gutter can end up missing shingles as well as falling prey to structural damage and frozen gutters. Sometimes snow melts and reforms ice near the edge of the roof causing an “ice dam”. Ice dams can not only

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Owning a piece of Alaska real estate requires time and commitment from the owner. In order to maintain the value of your Alaska real estate, it is key that you keep up with your home during the spring season. Below we offer a few ideas on the important steps you need to take during the spring season to get your Alaska real estate in great shape for the coming summer and the rest of the year.

Important Steps in Maintaining Alaska Real Estate in Spring

Maintaining the yard

Once all the snow is gone, you can begin by inspecting the yard of your Alaska real estate for areas that need attention and care. Keep the points below in mind as you make a list of items you need to take care of.

• Clean all house gutters of debris built up over the winter

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