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If you're planning to move to Anchorage, you're probably excited and a little apprehensive at the same time. After all, there are plenty of misconceptions about the city that leave people with a skewed impression of what Anchorage life is really like. Some people who have never visited actually believe that Anchorage residents reside in igloos. Fortunately, that is not the case. Anchorage is a modern city that contains a unique combination of urban amenities and proximity to some of the last true wilderness on the planet.      

The Anchorage outdoors scene can seem overwhelming to new residents -- there's so much to do and see, and winter weather doesn't keep many people inside. Snow machining, snowshoeing, dog sledding, ice skating, cross-country

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When you plan on buying a home, you have to think of quite a few details before making a decision. Most people think about the features they want and the ones they need, but not that many people consider the maintenance that comes with the homes that they are interested in buying. It is essential to take all aspects into consideration, especially maintenance as it will eventually become your responsibility.     

Routine Maintenance

The most common form of maintenance is what you need to handle on a routine basis. Ideally, you want to look at a home thoroughly to learn about everything that must be regularly maintained. It is beneficial as it will help you gauge your monthly and annual expenses that are solely related to maintenance.


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Alaskans really don't speak a different language from their lower forty-eight counterparts, but it can certainly seem that way to those who have recently moved the Last Frontier. If you are going to be relocating to Anchorage in the near future, you'll acclimate more quickly by learning a few simple terms specific to life in the north country. Following are several examples of Anchoragese and what they mean.

Termination Dust
Termination dust is what Alaskans call the first snow of the season. It can occur anywhere from late August through November in the Anchorage bowl, but it's been running late for the past several years.

Freeze Up 
This is what we call it when everything starts to freeze up for the winter. Most bodies of water freeze completely

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How would you like to catch a 30 pound king salmon a half hour after leaving your office for the day? That's one activity Anchorage residents look forward to every summer. It's not necessary to drive to a rural location to find a clean river teeming with fish -- Anchorage's Ship Creek runs right through the northern part of downtown and is a well-loved component of the Anchorage outdoors scene.                  

The king salmon start running in Ship Creek in early June and continue until the season closes in the middle of July. Ship Creek is the only river in the Anchorage area that has a king salmon run -- the closest other place to catch the monarch of the northern seas is the Kenai River, which is too far away for a quick after-work fishing trip.

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When it comes to your front yard and entryway, you can make heads turn for the right or wrong reasons. As a home seller in Anchorage, Alaska, the biggest mistake related to curb appeal is doing nothing at all to improve your home’s appearance. Potential home buyers will glance at an uninspiring home but most likely drive away. A recent home improvement article by time.com explains that peeling paint and a yard out of Jurassic Park will turn off some buyers while a tidy, pristine appearance draws house hunters. By working with a dedicated Anchorage Realtor, you can avoid sabotaging a sale due to unsightly curb appeal.     

Focusing on inside instead of exterior