Listing With a Realtor: 4 Critical Situations

Posted by Dan Wolf on Tuesday, December 29th, 2015 at 8:41am.

Whether you own a sprawling home in a prestigious Anchorage neighborhood or want to sell your small residence in a humbler part of town, one truth remains: it behooves you to list your home with a Realtor. Listing with a Realtor saves you, the seller, a significant amount of time and money, and typically nabs you a higher sale price. In four particular cases, it pays to have a real estate agent who intimately knows the Anchorage, Alaska real estate market.

Your home is in an up-and-coming real estate market 

Let's say you own a home in an on-the-rise neighborhood in Anchorage, like Spenard or Airport Heights. If you want to get the most money for your real estate, it's critical to work with a Realtor who knows how to price and market your property. Realtors often determine your home's listing price by comparing it to similar properties in the same area. However, if there aren't many suitable comparisons in your neighborhood, you'll need an expert to nail down a price. Moreover, a Realtor often has more resources, experience, and creativity in how he or she markets your home to other Realtors and the general public. Finally, if you receive multiple offers, your Realtor will be able to use his or her wealth of experience to help you pick the most attractive bid.


Your home is being sold in the off-season 

 While it's easier to sell your home during the busy summer months when buyers are abundant, you might find yourself in a winter season selling situation. Just like you wouldn't want to be stuck with a a summer-only resident in a winter storm, you don't want to find yourself facing a sleepy wintertime real estate market without the help of an expert. By enlisting the help of a Realtor, you're sure to thrive and take your winter sale from disheartening to delightful.


Your home is newly remodeled

Obviously you want to save as much money as you can in the selling of your home, especially if you've invested a lot of money into renovations and repairs. Realtors know exactly how to brag on your home's updates - laminate flooring, a more modern kitchen, etc. - to prospective buyers, leading to an accepted offer more quickly. And when a Realtor sells your home quickly, it saves you money on carrying costs, including mortgage payments, insurance, and utilities.


Your home is another item on your already packed to do list

One of the most significant benefits of listing your home with a Realtor is less stress for you! You probably have a full-time job, and hobbies you want to make time for, and a family to take care of... the list goes on and on. If you don't have the time to invest in selling your home on your own, then don't try it. Realtors have tons of practice doing what they do best - selling your home - so hand over the reins and let them run the process.

If you're interested in listing your home with a Realtor, look no further than Dan Wolf & Wolf Real Estate Professionals. We help homeowners interested in selling with the help of an experienced and licensed Realtor, so talk to us about what we can do for you. For more information about listing your house with a Realtor, or for any and all of your other real estate needs, get in touch with us at (907) 248-9653 or!

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