9 Property Types You Can Search For In The Anchorage MLS

Posted by Dan Wolf on Friday, July 5th, 2013 at 8:23am.

The Anchorage MLS Myth

One myth about the Anchorage MLS is that you can only search for residential properties. The truth is that the multiple listing service is has more in it than just homes for sale. There are many other property types that you can search for! 

This article will guide you through the different property types that are searchable through our website: 
9 Property Types You Can Search For In The Anchorage MLS

Anchorage MLS - What Can I Search For?

1. Vacant Land - Remember the wild wild west days? When Americans from the east would travel west to buy parcels of land to build homes? That is about as American as the American Dream can get! Utilizing the Anchorage MLS you can find vacant land for sale to build your custom home or building on.

Purchasing vacant land for custom building has it advantages. You have full control over every part of your home or building. Everything from the foundation to the ceiling. You can use the Anchorage MLS to search for vacant land today. 

2. Residential - Residential property is the most popular type of property searched for on the Anchorage MLS. Residential simply means property that has been zoned for residential use. This includes single-fmaily homes, multi-family apartments, townhouses, condominiums and/or co-ops.

3. Commerical Lease - Looking to lease a space for your business? You can search the Anchorage MLS for that! A Commercial lease is a contract between a business and a landlord. This lease can be month to month or long term. 

4. Condominium - Only want to search for condominiums aka condos? No problem! You can search the MLS for that as well. A condo is nothing more than a building or complex of buildings containing individually owned apartments or houses. 

You can buy an Anchorage condo building to lease out to tenants, or you can buy one condo in a building of condos. 

5. Commercial Property - Many businesses don't just want to lease a commercial space, many want to buy their own commercial property. This can be either for their business or to lease out to other businesses. The Anchorage MLS has a number of commercial properties for sale. 

6. Multi-Family - A multi-family residential property is housing that includes separate units for residential inhabitants. This includes apartment buildings and condos. If you are looking to make an investment, the Anchorage MLS has a number of multi-family properties for sale. 

7. Business-Op - We bet you didn't know that you can buy a business op, or business opportunity, via the Anchorage MLS! This means that you can search for a business that is for sale. For example, if Jane's Alaskan Cupcakes is for sale, including signage, property, business name, branding and equipment, you can see those opportunities via the MLS. 

8. Residential Lease - Another popular way that people search the Anchorage MLS is for residential leasing opportunities. Whether you are looking to rent an apartment, condo or single-family home, you can search for what's available on our website. 

9. Mobile-Home - Last but not least you can use the MLS to search for a mobile-home. Available for purchase, the mobile home is a large house trailer that is parked in one place and is used as a permanent living accommodation. 

The MLS isn't just for searching for homes for sale! As you can see there are many different types of properties that you can search for. 

Use our website to search the MLS just like our real estate agents do. You see what we see!

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