Alaska Foreclosed Homes: 5 Tips for Staging Your Home in the Spring

Posted by Dan Wolf on Tuesday, March 10th, 2015 at 10:15am.

It is springtime in Alaska and this is when buyers are actively looking for Alaska foreclosed homes. As a seller, it is your goal to sell homes as quickly as possible. Alaska foreclosed homes will be a big attraction as buyers think bargain. However, if they think bargain and enter a filthy, dark, cold house, they will move on to the next home on the list. This is where staging those Alaska foreclosed homes become very important in order for you to close the sale. What do you need to consider before showing prospective buyers the house? Here are 5 easy tips to staging your Alaska foreclosed home during the spring season:

5 Tips for Staging Your Home in the Spring

#1 Curb appeal

Alaska homes look uninspired during winter. Alaska foreclosed homes even worse. During spring, it is so important to create outside appeal. Get rid of the dry winter leaves and spruce up the garden with frost resistant flowers and shrubs. Hang some pots on the porch with colorful flowers in them. Create that inviting feeling when buyers stop outside.

#2 Minor faults

One of the major problems with foreclosed homes is that it is empty. Therefore, the prospective buyer will pick up minor faults easier. Fix the following minor faults: • Fix all noticeable cracks in the walls; • Fill up holes left by nails or picture hooks; • Ensure all electrical wall sockets are fastened and in working order; replace broken ones; • Ensure all switches are in working order; • Ensure there is no water seepage; • Fix dripping taps; • Ensure all light fittings fastened and no loose wiring; • Ensure all doors can open and close properly and fix and replace those who don't; • Ensure all doors can lock; • Ensure all kitchen and bathroom cupboards open and close properly; • Ensure all room cupboards open and close properly; • Fix all cracked or broken windows, glass and mirrors These are all minor faults and will not be expensive. Please do not forget about the attic and garage.Your Alaska foreclosed homes will increase in value immediately and you will find that extra income or commission quite handy indeed.

#3 Spring Clean

Who really want to clean during a harsh Alaska winter? Well, can you imagine Alaska foreclosed homes then? No prospective buyer will want to buy a filthy house. Get helpers and clean the house properly, from beginning to end. Remember the ceilings and those nasty places where dust hides, as if it made home in a warm spot during winter. The house needs to look spotless and feel spotless.

#4 Warm Colors

All is fair when externally there is appeal, but not so if the interior is sub-standard. When prospective buyers enter, they need to feel warmth. White walls are not very inviting and are cold, but it is always a safe choice. Paint the walls with warm, inviting colors with good quality paint. It will increase the value of Alaska foreclosed homes. You must watch for the following: • Don't overuse dark warm colors like maroon; make a wall stand out with such a color to create attention to a specific part of the room; • Ensure all colors used match and complement each other; • A suggestion is to use lighter warm colors in the bedrooms, e.g. light yellow • Do not forget about the garage or attic.

#5 The Exterior

Look at the rest of the exterior except the garden with all your Alaska foreclosed homes. Maybe the walls need painting or the roof needs fixing and paint. Do not forget about the garden shed. Ensure all outdoor lights are working and that there is no loose wiring. It is common for homes, in this case Alaska foreclosed homes, to show wear from the outside.

These tips will increase the value of Alaska foreclosed homes and will assist in a quicker sale with prospective buyers. It is always important to remember to plan on what needs doing to an Alaska foreclosed homes you want to sell. Write down everything that needs doing and get it done. At Wolf Real Estate properties, we go all the way in ensuring that Alaska foreclosed homes is sold in tiptop form and that the property is sold to prospective buyers at an affordable price.

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