Alaska Land for Sale: 5 Tips to Purchasing During the Spring

Posted by Dan Wolf on Friday, March 13th, 2015 at 9:09am.

Alaska has the most natural, untouched Alaska land for saleWith big lakes, miles of coastline and rivers, Alaska is a haven for nature lovers from across the world. The northern lights will leave you in awe and the vast landscape is picturesque and wild. Alaska land for sale is a buyer's market where you can buy a piece of land at good price. But before you purchase that beautiful, untamed Alaska land for sale, here are 5 tips to purchasing during the spring:

5 Tips to Purchasing Alaska Land During the Spring

1. Where do you want to buy?

In Alaska, it is all about location when looking at Alaska land for sale. You need to decide whether you want to live in a city, town or village. If you want to be in or near a city, your best bet is to buy close to Anchorage, Alaska's most populated city with the "town" vibe. If you want to be closer to nature, but still close to or in a town, look at towns like Ketchikan or Wasilla. If you are a nature lover and loves fishing, look at the Kenai Peninsula. For pure outdoors lovers, Big Lake is perfect with stunning mountain views and lakeside Alaska land for sale.

2. Look before you buy

Many people make the mistake of buying Alaska land for sale without physically looking at the land. Many terrains in vast Alaska are rough and you need to find out by yourself how rough it is and travelling times. When you do go to see the property, bear in mind:

• Map the route before you leave by viewing aerial maps and using a compass;

• Have a travel plan where the right vehicle is used there and back;

• Preparation must be good as weather can change quickly. Take enough clothing, water and food with for in case;

• Wildlife in Alaska is wild. Know what to do if you come across a bear or moose and need to take evasive action quickly.

3. Size does matter

When deciding to buy, you need to differentiate the difference between a lot and Alaska land for sale. A single-family house with garage is allowed on a lot, but nothing else. You cannot build a shed or any other structure due to zoning regulations. Alaska land for sale covers a larger size, although within city or town limits, where different structures can be erected on the land. You may erect a greenhouse, machine shop, shed and many other buildings on a tract of land. You can even sub-divide your land into lots should you so wish and sell them separately.

4. Weather conditions

When wanting to buy Alaska land for sale, ensure you understand that the weather conditions here is ferocious during winter. Are you prepared to be cut from civilization for days on end from the rest of Alaska? Are you prepared to go without electricity for long periods and are you prepared for the rugged terrain. Weather conditions here are not for the feint hearted and your family and you need to understand and prepare for these conditions when looking at Alaska land for sale..

5. Loan considerations

Determine which type of financing you qualify for with the bank.You may find options limited if you want to buy raw undeveloped land versus land where a building is. Banks are often scared to finance an undeveloped land sale fully due to the risk involved. Buying land in Alaska is a unique opportunity to own Alaska land for sale in the last Frontier. The landscape and rugged nature lends itself to wanting to buy land there. Crime is very low and Alaska is a safe haven where your children can play freely without a fenced in mentality.

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