Alaska Real Estate: 4 Secrets to the Perfect Spring lawn

Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, May 5th, 2014 at 5:43am.

Ready to sell your home fast this spring? We cannot emphasize the importance of curb appeal when selling Alaska real estate. In this article we will explore ways to make your lawn perfect.


When it comes to real estate, the grass can be greener, thicker and softer on the other side. With our long winters, spring is the time that home buyers want to enjoy the outdoors including patios, decks and the lawns. Just like our landscape transforms to an oasis in the spring, so should your lawn.

Ready to get started? Here are some tricks to keep your lawn looking amazing all spring. When buyers view your piece of Alaska real estate, they will remember the curb appeal.

4 Secrets to the Perfect Spring lawn

#1 The sharper the better

If you want a green lawn the best thing to do is to cut it often and make sure that the blades of your mower are sharp. When you keep cutting, it ensures that the grass will grow thicker, that weeds will stop growing and that your grass will be protected from disease.

#2 Keep your grass trimmed higher

Think shorter is better when it comes to grass? Think again. The shorter you cut the grass on your piece of Alaska real estate, the faster it will grow, which means more maintenance for you. You’ll also need more supplies, like water and herbicides, to keep you grass looking good.

Although every grass is different some experts say never cut more than a third of the grass’ height. Read the manual that came with your mower to learn how to safely change the blade height.

#3 Mow a dry lawn, not a wet one

Is your lawn still wet from winter? Don’t mow it! When you now wet grass it will compact the soil and the roots will not be able to breathe. When you do that, the grass will die! Wait for the ground to fully dry before you cut otherwise you may have to deal with dead grass and bald spots. Something that will stand out when buyers are looking for Alaska real estate to purchase.

#4 Don’t over fertilize your grass

Homeowners have a bad habit of over fertilizing their lawns. This is bad because it can lead to more cutting and an increase need for pesticides. Over fertilizing isn’t just bad for your lawn, it’s bad for the environment too because it can seep into streams and lakes. If you are taking care of your yard the only time you need to fertilize is in the spring and in the winter.

#5 Kill the weeds with thick lush grass

Pesticides are not needed to prevent weeds… thick grass is! If you do see weeds, just pull the by hand or purchase a tool and keep growing our grass thick. Eventually weeds will disappear altogether.

#6 Hire us to help

Need some help getting your home ready for the spring buying season? Need help figuring out what to fix and what to leave alone? Contact us today. We know what buyers want in your area and can help you figure out what to do to make your home ready for buying season. 

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