Anchorage House for Sale - 9 Selling Lessons

Posted by Dan Wolf on Thursday, November 7th, 2013 at 8:30am.

Do you have an Anchorage house for sale? Generally, people would recommend not putting money into your home prior to selling however, preparing the house and marketing it successfully is crucial.

9 Selling Anchorage House For Sale Lessons for a Quicker Sell

Here are 9 selling lessons to help sell your home more quickly and for the price you want. Follow these tips and your Anchorage house for sell will attractive more buyers than any other house on the block.

#1 - Appearance

How does your Anchorage house for sale look from the road? A majority of potential buyers will judge your Anchorage house for sale by the looks of the outside before even taking a step inside. Make sure you have mowed the lawn, pruned the flowerbeds and picked up kids toys from the yard.Homes in Anchorage Curb Appeal

#2 - Declutter

Removing unnecessary clutters from your Anchorage house for sale will make the home look bigger and more spacious. Removing unwanted furniture will also make the house look bigger than what it really is.

#3 - Make the house sparkle

Clean your Anchorage house for sale before buyers arrive. The house should sparkle from top to bottom. Use your best linen on the beds and replace frayed rugs and mats throughout the house. Also, don't forget to clean all the windows and bathrooms until they sparkle.

#4 - Make repairs

Give your Anchorage house for sale a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colors work best when repainting. Fill in any cracks you may find and remove any flaking on the walls. If the walls are badly cracked, the time to re-plaster the walls – you will not regret it later.

#5 - Clean out hidden areas

When inspecting your Anchorage house for sale, check to see if there are any drawers or closets that may need to be cleaned out. While you're at it, also ensure all cracked tiles are replaced and unnecessary toiletries are put away.

#6 - Pay special attention to the kitchen

Women generally pay more attention to the kitchen than any other area of the house. Replace any countertops that may be damaged along with any broken wall tiles. Also, make sure the cooker and hob are clean and grease free.

#7 - Make space for storage

Ensure your Anchorage house for sale has adequate storage space. If not, add some storage shelves in different areas of the house. At this time, don't forget to clear out the garage if possible. A majority of buyers will consider the garage as additional storage space.

#8 - Light up the house

Maximize the light in your Anchorage house for sale. Drapes should be drawn open and all windows should be opened to allow light into the house. Also, make sure the house smells fresh and inviting. Place air fresheners in the rooms to deodorize the house.

#9 - Inspect the house

Your Anchorage house for sale may benefit from the services of a home inspector. A home inspector can point out things you may have missed previously. The home inspector will take into account the condition of the roof, central heating, air conditioning and the general state of the electrics plus other issues before putting up your Anchorage house for sale.

Now that you've decluttered your house and made some repairs, let us help you put your house on the market and sell it for the price you want. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of your professionals.

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