Anchorage House for Sale Won't Sell? 10 Tips To Help

Posted by Dan Wolf on Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 at 8:20am.

Anchorage House for Sale Won't Sell? 10 Tips To Help

Let's say you have an Anchorage house for sale but for some reason, it just won't sell. You've tried using all your resources but you just don't know how to sell the Anchorage house for the price you want. The solution is simple: add some curb appeal to the home and it will increase your chances of selling the house faster.

Here are 10 great tips to make the Anchorage house for sale more appealing. These tips will help you get your Anchorage house for sale stand out from the other homes in the neighborhood.

10 Tips to Help Your Anchorage House for Sale Close Fast

#1. Declutter

Buyers will always check cabinets and closets for space so be sure to keep those areas of the home clean and tidy. Buyers want storage space and can never get enough of it so it is important to declutter these areas so buyers can see the potential these areas have.

#2. Light Up the House

Maximize the lighting in your house. Buyers are always looking for good lighting in any Anchorage house for sale. Do what you can to make your house shine bright like a diamond. Keep blinds open, windows clean, and avoid blocking sunlight from getting into the house.

#3. Clean the Yard

Prune all the shrubs, pull out the weeds, and cut back dead growth. Take the time to add fresh mulch to planting beds. Keeping the planting beds and lawns clean will give the house a great first impression.

#4. Maintain the Yard's Appearance

The trees and bushes in the front and back yards should always be trimmed back. Do not block the view of the front door or the backyard from windows. You want to make sure the style and structure of the house are not over shadowed by over grown foliage. Surrounding greenery enhances the house and lets the house shine.

#5. Clean the House

With an Anchorage house for sale you want to always be ready to sell. A first impression is the only impression when it comes to selling a house. Keep your house clean and ready for potential buyers. Don't allow dishes to remain in the sink, keep your dishwasher clean, and bathrooms sparkling. These are important areas buyers will look at.

#6. Take Personal Touches Out

Too much personal stuff in the Anchorage house for sale makes it hard for buyers to envision themselves living there. If possible, remove family photos and personal keepsakes. To help the Anchorage house for sale, you need to think how you would view the house. It is hard for a buyer to see it as their house if there is too much in it.

#7. Wash the Exterior

Use a pressure washer and clean the windows of the Anchorage house for sale. Remove unsightly cobwebs and anything else that may distract potential buyers. Keep in mind that a buyer may pass by your home before considering looking inside. With that being said, the appearance of the outside makes a big impression.

#8. Reseal the Driveways

Anchorage is known for its freeze and thaw cycles so it may be a good idea to invest having the driveways resealed. In an Anchorage house for sale this shows pride of ownership and care in its maintenance. This sends the message to a buyer that the house is well maintained and will have little to no problems waiting for them if they decide to buy.

#9. Keeps Scents Pleasant

Don't leave diapers or trash inside the house. If you have pets, make sure to keep them clean so the scent doesn't take over the house. Lighting scented candles or air fresheners would help deodorize the house.

#10. Hire a Real Estate Professional

To help any Anchorage house for sale, it is a good idea to find a well-experienced real estate professional. The right Real Estate Broker will be able to showcase the best way to make a house sell fast. If you already have a successful agent, take advantage of their advice and recommendations. They are considered to be a professional for a reason.

If you wish to discuss putting up an Anchorage house for sale, please contact us.

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