Anchorage MLS: 7 Tips to Price Your Home in the Spring

Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, April 7th, 2014 at 5:48am.

During spring in Alaska, home sellers want to sell their homes quickly on the Anchorage MLS for the highest price possible. No matter how nice your images are, or what neighborhood your home is in, the asking price is the key to sell your home fast.

Here are 7 tips to help you price your home during the spring buying season in Anchorage, Alaska:

7 Tips to Price Your Home during the Spring Buying Season

#1 Review the Comparables

Comparables, aka comps, are similar homes that are for sale in your neighborhood in the Anchorage MLS. Comps are very helpful in pricing your home! As your real estate agents, we will pull comps, market conditions and analyze seller supply versus buyer demand to help you come up with an asking price. For example, if the inventory is low, we will most likely encourage you to price a little higher.

#2 See who else is selling on the Anchorage MLS

When we give you your comps you will be able to see the homes for sale on the Anchorage MLS that are similar to your home and in the same area. You should get up and go to those homes and see where they are, how they look and what makes them better or worse than your listing. If there is an open house you should go to the open house as well. During the spring buying season it’s important to explore every advantage possible to make your Anchorage MLS listings stand out.

#2 Follow the appraisal

Pricing your home is definitely subject to the appraisal value, unless the buyer is paying cash or unless the buyer decides to waive an appraisal contingency. Regardless, when you price it should be very close to the appraisal price, otherwise the deal may not close. However, you don’t need to pay for an appraisal – you should rely on an experienced real estate agent.

#3 Ignore price per square foot

Although helpful in the beginning stages of pricing, price per square foot should not be the final indicator of how to price your home for the Anchorage MLS. Things like floor plans, windows, ceiling height and more can all change the price of your home and home similar to your.

#4 Hire who you trust

Many agents will try to get you to hire them to sell your listing. One tactic they use is selling you a dream that your house will sell for a very high price… only to have to ask for a price reduction later and waste valuable time. Hiring an agent you trust that will price your home correctly for the Anchorage MLS is more important than hiring an agent that will tell you they can sell your home for an unreasonable high price. You don’t want spring to pass and you have not sold your home.

#7 Remove emotions

Sellers get very emotional when pricing their homes because of the time they spent living there and the memories they made. However it is very important that you do not let those emotions effect pricing correctly to sell. The price you pay for your house does not mean that is the price you will sell your house for. Also, what you spent on repair and maintenance might not be relevant either. Be prepared for that. 

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