Anchorage Real Estate: How to Avoid Spring Buying Remorse

Posted by Dan Wolf on Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014 at 2:42pm.

Spring is a great time in the Anchorage real estate market and markets across the nation. During the spring, buyers and sellers are very active which is why we consider spring the home buying season in the real estate industry.

Sometimes, buyers can get caught up in the excitement while looking for Anchorage real estate for sale that they can sometimes make quick buying decisions without thinking things through. Once they buy their home they realize that they may have made a mistake. We call this buyer’s remorse.

Since buying Anchorage real estate is a huge investment, we like to make sure that our clients avoid buyer’s remorse during the spring buying season.

Here are a few tips to make sure you don’t fall in that category.

How to Avoid Spring Home Buying Remorse in Anchorage

#1 Do not ignore the cost to maintain and repair a home

When buyers find a piece of Anchorage real estate they really like sometimes they don’t look closely enough to see the issues with the home the first time they look. Maybe the beautiful high ceilings made you ignore the out dated air conditioning and heating system? Or maybe the open floor plan made you think you could just fix the plumbing and the roof?

These things will need to be maintained and repaired and should be considered in your final bid. If not, you will end up footing the bill after move in.

#2 The home inspection is NOT all you need

Many buyers think the home inspection is all they need to do to inspect the home but that is not true. When buying Anchorage real estate it is important to make sure that get the roof checked for leaks and structural damages by a contractor, look for any electrical problems and more. These little issues, or big issues, can add up and you need to be prepared for additional repair costs.

#3 Explore the Neighborhood

Ready to do some real investigation? Time to get up and go knock on some neighbors doors. Find out if your neighbors are nice and respectful or mean and aggressive. Find out if the community is a fit for you.

When you start knocking on doors before you put in an offer on the Anchorage real estate you want to buy, don’t just examine the neighbors’ disposition. Find out about the neighborhood as well. See what they like about it, find out if there is any crime, if there are any big disputes, do the neighbors have pets that bark a lot, etc.

Once that is done check out the local restaurants and grocery stores. Are there close parks and trails? Make sure you explore all of those options.

#4 Hire us to help

Are you ready to buy Anchorage real estate? Hire us to help you navigate the market during the spring buying season. At Wolf Real Estate Professionals, we hold your hand every step of the way to make sure you don’t end up with buyer’s remorse. Contact us today or start searching for homes now. 

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