Prepare Your Home before Winter Arrives in Anchorage Alaska

Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 at 2:01pm.


Now that fall has arrived, it is a good time to turn your attention to your home before the weather prohibits a needed repair. The changing of the season always acts as a call to action for fine-tuning your home, and the onset of fall is no different. Below are five tips for getting your home fall-ready.

Check out your furnace. Nothing is worse than discovering your furnace is out-of-order on that first chilly fall night. Furnace companies get really busy in the fall because once it's cold, equiptment starts to fail.  It's not a bad idea to have your furnace cleaned and serviced at least once a year and plan ahead for that apointment!

Update your windows. It's time to take those screens out and make sure the windows are tight and secure.

Clean your gutters. After spring and summer, who knows what debris have taken lodging inside your gutters. It is amazing how much stuff can get loaded up in your gutters.  Give gutters a good cleaning before heading into fall and winter, where leaves can cause real problems, especially if you don't remove them before the arrival of snow and ice and ice can build up with no way to get water down the downspoat.

Reverse your fan. This is a tip most people overlook when readying their home for fall. By switching the direction your ceiling fans run, you will push warm air down into the home, which saves on energy bills and keeps you comfortable.

Look for leaks. Walk the perimeter of your home and survey the basement, keeping an eye out for obvious leaks. Leaks and cracks not only allow destructive moisture into your home, but they can invite critters inside as well. Once you've found a leak, seal it up with weather-resistant caulk.

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