Buying a Home: The Steps

Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, November 2nd, 2015 at 8:29am.

Buying a home is a huge step in anyone's life. At first glance, it seems simple. You find a house that you like, you negotiate the price down by a few thousand dollars, you write a check, and you move in. But in reality, there's a lot more to think about. Here are some basic things to consider when you're buying a home, step by step.              

Step 1: Think about what you want

It's good to start out by deciding what you want. You can always bend it a little later if you find something close, or even find something better, but it's good to at least have an idea of what you're looking for before you start looking.

Step 2: Look for possible matches

The old method of finding a new home was to connect with a realtor in the area and let them take you to properties similar to what you were looking for. While this method still works, many people are finding their new homes online instead. If you just do a Google search for homes for sale in whatever area you're looking, you'll find several database options. Once you find a few that you're interested in, you can contact the realtors and set up a showing.

Step 3: Pick a few houses that you're interested in

Some people just pick a single house as their dream home, and do whatever it takes to get it, and this is ok, but it's generally better to have a few options. Having other options always gives you the upper hand when it comes time to negotiate.

Step 4: Make an offer on the best one

Make an offer on each home that you're interested in. Before you make the offer, you should do some research or talk to a real estate agent about exactly what the offer should look like. The offers and negotiations can be the trickiest part of a purchase. Do some research beforehand, and don't be afraid to take your time and ask for what you want.

Step 5: Complete the sale

Once you and the owner have agreed on a price and terms, the hard part is over. Now you just have to find a good lawyer to help you complete the paperwork and exchange.

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