Carpet Time! Next to paint, this is the least expensive - big impact on your home

Posted by Dan Wolf on Thursday, May 24th, 2012 at 2:42pm.

Why live with a wrinkle?By far, the least expensive thing you can do to spruce your house up might be to declutter and throw away things you don't need. Next to that, painting might take more time, but certainly isn't expensive. The right combination of paint can make a room feel cleaner and larger!

The next, next thing, has to be new carpet or laminate flooring. I can't tell you how often I see people living with wrinkles in their carpeting - and it's such easy fix to have it re-stretched. Well, I say that and remember that you have to get your furniture out of the room so it can be re-stretched properly.

Inexpensive Home Improvement-new carpetI love before and after photo's, don't you? In the first photo, notice the wrinkle in the carpet? This is a home owner who took my advice and intstalled a new carpet. Can you see the differance? It's huge and now the home has that "new carpet" smell for a while!

When you are preparing to sell, a few well spent dollars can mean the difference between selling quickly or languishing on the market and negotiating harder down the road on repair allowances!

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