Do Anchorage Homes Sell During the Holidays? 7 Good Reasons to Try!

Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, November 19th, 2012 at 1:15pm.

I had a good customer ask me recently "Does it really matter if my house is on the market between November and February?" What they are asking is "Do homes even sell in the winter time in Anchorage?"

Homes for sale in Anchorage AlaskaSure, many people are busy and distracted by the holidays, but there are buyers in the market for real estate between November and February inspite of the shorter days, cold and snow. Sure, it can be a bit of a hassle because there are things going on, but if you aren't on the market, your certainly won't sell.  There are some good reason's to be on the market during the holiday period.

1. There are fewer homes on the market during the holidays.  That means less competition for your property.  Less competition might mean a higher price to you!

2. Buyers looking during the holidays tend to be serious home buyers.  It is more of an effort to look, so you are less likely to get "lookie-loos".

3. A house becomes a "home" once it's decorated.  Soft lights, the smell of baked goods and evergreens- all these add warmth on a winter day! Your home shows better decorated for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

4. Buyers tend to have more time off between mid-November, meaning your day-time showings might even improve.

5. Many employers open new job positions on January 1.  This may mean families will relocate over the holidays to keep the family together.

6. Even if you don't want to move over the holidays, you can negotiate the actual move out.  You can also restrict showings on the week before the actual holiday.

7.  Appraisers, underwriters and home inspectors aren't as busy this time of year as they are in the summer, so transactions tend to flow smoother.  Interest rates are traditionally lower in the winter because there is less demand on the money off the main selling season.

See what I mean?  There are some strong reasons to put your house on the market during the holidays!

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