Enjoy the Cozy Ranch-style fixer upper homes in Anchorage – Know what to look for

Posted by Dan Wolf on Tuesday, March 12th, 2013 at 12:18pm.

Are you a prospective real estate property buyer with a budget? Anchorage Alaska offers multiple prospects for the homebuyers-to-be and offers them various other options apart from conventional real estate properties through which they can live on their budget and also get a new place to live in. For all those Anchorage home-buyers who are willing to do a little bit of homework, a fixer upper home might offer you opportunities to save your dollars. The fixed upper-houses are real estate properties that need certain kind of repairs and this is usually taken by people who wish to appraise and appreciate the value of the property and also live at the house at the same time.

Anchorage Alaska Homes for sale

The definition of a fixed upper house can vary widely ranging from those that might need some simple cosmetic repairs to those that need major construction repairs. There are mortgage loans available for getting a hold on such properties and just as you need to get online mortgage quotes before taking out such secured loans, you also have to consider certain points before placing your hands on the Anchorage Alaska real estate property. The entire process will help you determine whether or not the fixed upper homes are the right choice for the buyers.

  • Checking the location of the fixer upper home: You might have heard this a million times but this is a truth universally acknowledged that the location of a place drives saleability. When you put up homes for sale in Anchorage Alaska, you will certainly get a better price for a home that is better located. Don’t purchase a fixed upper that is located on a very busy street or that is next to a school. You should rather look for fixed uppers that are in the desirable neighborhoods. Examine the surrounding homes and check if the lawns are manicured.
  • Fixed upper might be outdated but not neglected: You should always look for a house that has been maintained even though it might look old. When the prospective Anchorage fixed upper house buyers look for ‘good bones’, they just notice the windows and the trim but it’s so much more than just that. The structure and the way in which the house is built, the foundation planning, the exterior, the electrical, the plumbing and the floor planning are all important while choosing a fixed upper house. You should look for real estate Anchorage Alaska property that should stand strong in front of you for the next 40 years and not crumble around you.
  • Layout of the fixed upper house: If the Anchorage real estate property is chopped with a bad layout, you should realize that it can become a dear burden on your shoulders to move the walls according to your wish. The layout should always flow with the design. If the fixed upper homes have bedrooms at opposite ends, this might be a turn off for the buyers with children. Kitchens with more than one entrance are another desirable thing for the Anchorage buyers.
  • Restrictions and permits: Making repairs or renovating a fixed upper house might even require inspections, permission and permits to complete the entire process. Even there are times when a homeowners association might need to approve the work before it begins. In order to avoid any kind of possible delays, you should look for Anchorage Alaska real estate properties in areas that are free of building restraints and community codes. In case of older fixers, inquire about the historic preservation laws that might detrimentally affect your project.

Therefore, before you take the plunge into investing your dollars on the fixed upper houses, take into account the above mentioned factors. Choose the right real estate property through which you can set profits rolling by investing just a few dollars from your pocket.

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