Establishing Curb Appeal on Anchorage Properties

Posted by Dan Wolf on Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 8:24am.

As you undoubtedly already know, establishing curb appeal is one of the most effective ways of convincing prospective buyers that they should purchase your home. First impressions matter -- and even though Anchorage is a modern city by any standards, its still situated on the edge of a wilderness, and those two worlds overlap frequently. Following are three strategies specific to life in Alaska that will provide your home with maximum appeal.                      

Don't Feed the Bears

Anchorage residents sometimes forget that the contents of their trash cans are considered gourmet smorgasbords by our bruin friends. Few things deter home buyers more thoroughly than neighborhoods that are strewn with trash from one end to another. Keeping trash cans in the garage or using only bear-proof garbage receptacles helps alleviate this problem. If you live in an area where homes are close together, you may have to call for a neighborhood meeting if garbage bears have become a problem.  

Park Your Boat Right Out Front

Some real estate strategists advise leaving the front of the home free of boats, RVs, and extra vehicles, but it's likely that the first thing a prospective homeowner will think of when he or she sees your boat is fishing -- and they'll probably be hooked. Parking your boat in front of your house gives buyers an enticing glimpse of the Alaskan lifestyle.

Fence Your Yard

Anchorage residents love fenced yards for a variety of reasons. Most have dogs, for instance, and fenced yards provide safe places for furry friends to play. They also allow homeowners to have at least a vague hope of being able to cultivate vegetable gardens without their efforts being destroyed by moose and other marauding wildlife. A good fence is much more beautiful to the average Alaskan resident that perfectly manicured lawns and gardens.

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