Finding an Anchorage House for Sale in the Right Neighborhood

Posted by Dan Wolf on Saturday, July 20th, 2013 at 8:32am.

Finding an Anchorage House for Sale in the Right NeighborhoodSo you are ready to an Anchorage house for sale and you are not sure what neighborhood to choose? We can help!

The first step to finding the right neighborhood is not learning about the neighborhoods in Anchorage, but figuring out WHAT YOU WANT in a neighborhood.

After you find what you want in a neighborhood, then you can explore Anchorage neighborhoods and compare them to your list.

Unfortunately we can't read your minds through this blog. But we can tell you the top things that most of our clients look for when searching for an Anchorage house for sale in the right neighborhood.

1 Proximity to Jobs. If you are looking for an Anchorage house for sale you are going to want to be sure that it is close to your job, or decent paying jobs within you industry. This isn't just important for you... but also important for the value of your home.

If your home is close to high paying jobs and employment centers, expect your home values to rise in the long term. People want to be close to work. Plus, being close to businesses means you are also close to Anchorage amenities and entertainment.

2 The View. The good thing about finding an Anchorage house for sale is that there is usually always a beautiful view. We are one of the lucky places to have expansive land, mountains and wildlife. However, every view is not the same. Making sure you are near recognizable landmarks is key. Landmarks allow you have a sense of being home and evoke emotions and memories.

Landmarks don't just mean the mountains and the land, it could also meant signs, businesses, park benches, trails, etc. When you search for an Anchorage house for sale, ask yourself what are the landmarks of that neighborhood... big or small.

3 Good Schools. If you have a family or you are planning on staring one, finding an Anchorage house for sale in a neighborhood with good schools will probably be on the top of your list. Even if you don't have kids, and don't plan on having any, it's still an important amenity to consider when buying.

Why? Because homes tend to be worth more when they are close to high quality schools. This is because home buyers who are looking for good schools are also looking to get involved and build a good community. They work hard to keep property value. Good schools mean buyers are here to stay for the long haul.

These are only a few things that clients who are looking for an Anchorage house for sale think about before they choose a neighborhood. There are other things to consider as well including:

  • Quiet streets – Do you want quiet and peaceful surroundings or would you prefer living in the heart of Anchorage?
  • Busy and/or active area – Do you want to get involved with your community and meet new people or spend time alone?
  • Trees and parks – Do you want to live near designated trails and parks, or explore the wilderness on your own?
  • Close proximity to shopping and restaurants – Do you want to drive far to get to entertainment, shops and other businesses, or do you want to live close to these things?
  • Older neighborhood or a newer development – Do you want to live in a home and neighborhood with the latest technology and features or live in an older established area?
  • Safe and crime free – Is the neighborhood you are choosing safe and crime free?
  • Look and feel of the other homes – How does the other homes look around you? Are they beautiful and neat, or abandoned and rough looking?
  • Current home values – Regardless of your purchase price, what's the value of the homes around you?
  • Plans Future development – Is the area on the fast track for development and upgraded amenities?
  • Amenities – Does the area fit your lifestyle?

Once you decide what you want, check out Anchorage Real Estate Neighborhood Guide. This will help you decide what neighborhoods fit your lifestyle. After that you can start searching for an Anchorage house for sale or contact one of our real estate agents and we can help your dream home.

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