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Posted by Dan Wolf on Tuesday, August 27th, 2013 at 6:14am.

If you are looking for a great way to spruce up your yard with some hardy garden greenery that requires little to no maintenance than this is the list for you. In it we will outline some of best shrubs and hedges for your money that most anyone can plant, and that the upkeep is limited. Whether you are just looking for a wind-block, some privacy or to add some flair, a sturdy and hardy hedge is perfect. Although this list is mostly for the northern gardener and contains plants that can withstand the harsh Anchorage winter, many of these plants can be planted as far south as zone 9.

yew hedge maze

Boxwood: This hedge is perhaps the best known and the most versatile on the list. It is imbued with small green leaves that keep their color year round. The boxwood can add a decorative flair to even the most drab of yards, and with a little upkeep from some pruning shears, can be trimmed into actual boxes as their namesake implies. The boxwood is fairly inexpensive at around $6 per shrub and can be found at any garden center.

Dwarf Burning Bush: Hardy to zone 4. This sturdy hedge will grow pretty much anywhere one chooses to plant it. Its name may seem to imply that it isn’t a hedge, but like most members of this family, this plant can be trimmed into different shapes rebuking its title as just a bush. This hedge is planted mostly for its fall plumage, wherein its leaves turn a beautiful bright red for about a week, adding that extra “oomph” that any yard may be lacking. If left to grow on its own, the dwarf burning bush can grow as tall as 8". Again, this hedge is easily picked up at any plant nursery and is perfect for privacy.

Lilac: For those of us who like a flowering hedge and that ohh so sweet smell of a flowering plant, lilac is what you've been waiting for. Part of the Oleaceae family, the lilac is hardy in zones 3-7. Its characteristic white or purple flowers are perfect accents for neutral or muted colored houses, and would be best avoided by red colors, which in  combination with this privacy hedge have a tendency to wash each other out, and you wouldn’t want to do that to either the plant or your house. Lastly, and certainly not least, the ever majestic and dignified evergreen or conifer. If there ever was a definition of a hardy hedge, it would be any private hedge in this family. Because, quite simply, they grow tall and wide, provide every aspect that one may need in a hedge, never lose their foliage and require no real upkeep. This noble family includes junipers, spruces, and all of the greens (white, scots, and jack), and have a hardiness zone rating of “any. ” This hedge cane be bought at any plant nursery for a bit more than the others, but is a perfect addition to any yard. 

So, now that you’re armed with some basic knowledge of hardy and easy to maintain hedges, get out there and make your yard proud. Creating a perfect and cozy, private outdoor living space, while adding some curb appeal, can go a long way to not only a happy heart but also a happy home.  

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