Home buying: Don't Overlook the Details

Posted by Dan Wolf on Thursday, June 26th, 2014 at 5:48am.

Home buying: Don't Overlook the Details

If you are looking to buy a home it is important to check into the details of any potential home you are considering. Home buying is a long term commitment and you don't want to have buyer's remorse because you overlooked an important aspect of the house.  Here are some considerations to keep in mind when hunting for a house.

Determine YOUR Needs and Wants
If you ask advice of friends, family and even a realtor they will all provide you different opinions about what aspects of a home are important. Some will indicate granite countertops in the kitchen are a priority while others will specify lot size. It is important that you determine what aspects are important to you before you start looking at houses. Which items are needs and which are wants. You will be able to narrow down your search with this criteria. Things to consider include: size of the lot, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, particular neighborhood or school district, commute time, and whether it is important to be close to shopping and restaurants.

Be Sure to Investigate Details of the House
Although when you typically enter someone else's house you wouldn't dare open cupboards and closets without permission you must take a different approach when entering a home you are considering buying. Look under the beds and in all corners and crevices. You want to be aware of any issues before you sign on the dotted line because you will own all aspects of the home after you buy it. Look under bathroom sinks for signs of leaking pipes and in the cupboards for evidence of a mouse infestation.  It is also recommended you obtain a home inspection so you can get an estimation of how many repairs will be needed.  We can assist you on each step of this process!

Meet the Neighbors
Neighbors can make a big difference in if you are satisfied with your new home. If they throw wild parties long into the night or have dogs that incessantly bark it can be challenging. Walk over to the neighbors and say hello before purchasing the home. Try and get an impression if there is any kind of neighborhood squabble ongoing and why. It is likely if one neighbor is not respectful of others desire to sleep, the rest of the neighborhood is already bothered by this. It may be possible to find out from others if an issue already exists.

Find Out Tax Rates
Taxes can significantly increase the cost of living in a particular house and they may vary significantly from town to town. Determine the exact cost of taxes for the house your are looking at and find out what benefit those taxes provide. A town that includes trash pickup may be worth the extra in taxes so consider the details.
Remember that the people trying to sell their home are going to highlight the positive aspects not the negative. If you walk in and look around for 10 minutes you won't have observed the details. You need to take a close inspection to verify this is the home you really want to purchase. Follow these tips and you will find a home that is perfect for you. Contact us if you are looking to buy a home and we can help you through the process.

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