Home Selling: Let Buyer Feedback Help, Not Hurt

Posted by Dan Wolf on Thursday, April 2nd, 2015 at 8:00am.

Let’s face it. Home selling in Anchorage, Alaska, often requires a thick skin. People touring homes often make callous comments critiquing and criticizing everything from your choice of paint colors to the choice of door knobs versus door levers. By having an experienced and friendly Anchorage Realtor handle your open houses and home tours, you can find out about the valuable and helpful comments without feeling personally offended. A recent real estate piece by bankrate.com suggests being open rather than defensive about buyer feedback. Your Realtor will find out whether many prospective buyers feel turned off by the same features in your home so you can either make improvements or offer a targeted seller incentive such as “allowance for new appliances” or “new flooring allowance.”     

Putting negative feedback to use

Your Realtor will disregard comments from potential buyers who complain about everything. If other people aren’t validating the same concerns, it’s not worth it to fix up a home based on one disgruntled person in search of a deal. If there is a consensus that your entry door looks outdated, for example, it pays to address the problem.

Leveraging the positive feedback

Your Realtor will listen intently at open houses. Getting feedback from the buyer agents is also helpful. If everyone touring your home loves everything about it, it’s smart to hold out for multiple offers. Knowing that people like certain aspects of your Anchorage home means you can keep doing what you are doing right. In addition to hearing what people have to say, your Realtor will watch for positive facial expressions and reactions to different rooms as well as the reaction to finding out the listing price.

Fortunately, not everything you learn from the buyer feedback will cost you a lot of money. Inexpensive and easy fixes include spraying air freshener, cleaning up after pets, changing out curtains and lighting fixtures or taking extra time to clean and straighten up. Cranky comments sometimes don’t mean anything at all, but your Realtor will talk through the responses from prospective buyer and their agents.

At Wolf Real Estate, we will work hard to sell your home in Anchorage. For more home selling tips and information on buyer feedback, please contact us at 907-248-9653 or visit us online at www.anchoragehomesearch.com.

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