Home Selling Tips for First Time Home Sellers in Anchorage

Posted by Dan Wolf on Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 at 9:31am.

If you are contemplating becoming a home seller for the first time in Anchorage, Alaska, the first place to start is with a trusted Realtor who knows the area well, such as the Wolf Real Estate Professionals. A well-networked Realtor can be the difference between a home that languishes on the market for months or even years versus a home priced right with many showings and offers on your table. According to an article by HSH.com on home selling tips, just because you bought a home doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about selling one. Novice sellers may assume they can list their home for an unrealistic price, especially when inventory is low down in Anchorage. However, other factors come into play such as how much a lender will loan an interested buyer and whether or not there are several interested parties.

•    Making your home marketable

It used to be the buzz word was “well-maintained,” but a home that’s well-maintained isn’t necessarily marketable. As a seller, it’s important to remove yourself emotionally from your personal feelings about your home’s décor. A professional Realtor who sees every day which homes sell and which homes don’t sell can give you an unbiased perspective about what makes a home marketable in terms of updates.

•    Accommodating potential buyers

It’s important to have a Realtor who you can count on to show your home even in inclement weather, during rush hour or on a holiday weekend. It’s almost important that you make your home available for your Realtor to show whenever it’s convenient to the prospective buyer. Although your Realtor will be considerate to give you notice about showings, many buyers are impulsive about house hunting. If they don’t get a chance to see your home, they may buy another on a whim. Stay focused on cleaning and de-cluttered before you leave the home for a showing and, if possible, take your pets with you.

•    Being financially prepared

As a home seller, it’s important to be financially prepared for any situation. If you decide to make the leap to buy another home before your home has sold, you need to have plenty of money in savings to juggle two mortgages. Having an experienced Anchorage Realtor will reduce the chances that a deal will fall through. It will also prevent you from making foolish mistakes like signing a purchase contract with an unqualified buyer or waiting until the last minute to let the buyers know about major problems that will be revealed during the inspection.

Even though some first time home sellers make the mistake of over-pricing their homes, some price their homes too low because they are anxious to move or just don’t know the true market value of their homes. First time sellers may have a lot of emotions tied up into their Anchorage homes, but the sale needs to be handled more as a fair business transaction in which each party walks away as winners.

At Wolf Real Estate, we can help you list, market and sell your Anchorage home. For more information and home selling tips, please contact us at 907-248-9653 or visit us online at www.anchoragehomesearch.com.

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