How to Prepare for a Home Inspection

Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, January 18th, 2016 at 10:13am.

If you plan to list your home in Anchorage, Alaska, or anywhere really, you will be facing a home inspection.  Either ou can get a 'pre-market" home inspection done, or your buyer will do one after making an offer.  It’s important to pass a home inspection (home inspectors typically spot all the defects with your real estate property).  According to a recent article by RealtyToday, unexpected large repairs often complicates and lengthens the entire selling process.  Instead of feeling nervous or anxious about the home inspection, consider ways to get ahead of it; you can address problems in advance to speed up the home selling process.  An experienced Anchorage Realtor will let you know the market value of your home and give you advice on major fixes.  We've got three to get you started:

 No shocking developments

Electrical outlet

Part of maintaining a home is making sure the electrical wiring meets safety codes. One of the most significant aspects of your home inspection is the electrical system, so make sure yours is up to code; otherwise, an inspector might determine that it needs to be replaced, for safety reasons.  You also need to maintain the smoke detectors throughout the home and fix anything that might pose a fire hazard.  If there's reasonable doubt about whether or not your wiring is in tip top shape, call an electrician to come take a look.  Codes change every few years, some health and safety repairs are minor, but will be required.

 Rain, rain, go away

Water damage is a major concern in your home because of the long term damage it can cause, as well as issues with your home's structural integrity.  Before a home inspector comes to your Anchorage home, look at the ceiling for stains.  If your roof or possibly plumbing has damage, you will likely find water in the cabinets or in lights in your ceiling or in the insulation in your attic.  As with electrical damage, make sure you enlist the help of an expert to assess and maket these repairs. 

Home inspectionRoof Surface

Roof surfaces, of course, take the brunt of the weather.  They must survive both the intense heat in the summer and the sub-zero cold with ice and snow in the winter.  Most modern roofs are rated for 30 years, or more;  Normal asphalt shingles begin to deteriate after 20 years and need to be inspected on an annual basis.  Your home inspector will want to take a close look at both the exterior surface and as much as they can see on from the underside soffits and inside the attic.  Your inspector knows this and will take adaquate time with the roof, pointing out anything that he sees and recommends. 

There are other areas that are important to address, like your roof or your heating system, and as the list grows, it can be difficult or overwhelming to address each item.  When we meet you and see your property, we will help you prioritize the items in critical need of repair or replacement, so that when you do have a home inspection, your home will pass with flying colors! 

Wolf Real Estate Professionals are all about helping our clients sell their Anchorage homes.  For more information about home inspections, or for any other real estate need you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us at (907) 248-9653, email us at, or visit us online at  

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