How to Prepare for Spring with Your Alaska House for Sale

Posted by Dan Wolf on Thursday, May 29th, 2014 at 1:07pm.

Spring is one of the best times to sell your Alaska house for sale. The three months of spring is the time when a large percentage of Alaska homebuyers are looking to purchase a new home. Preparing the interior and exterior of an Alaska house for sale during the spring season is one of the most important elements in achieving the price you desire. The look and feeling of your home inspires viewers to determine how quickly you sell your Alaska home and for what price. Here are some tips on how to prepare for spring with your Alaska house for sale: 

How to Prepare for Spring with Your Alaska House for Sale

Make your Alaska house for sale sparkle and shine

• Make sure the windows, doors, mirrors and all surfaces on the interior and exterior of your Alaska house for sale are clean and shiny. Any surface potential buyers could view and judge needs to be wiped or cleaned. This is the first move in getting ready to sell your home during spring or any time during the year.

• Have your window drapes, rugs, bedding and blinds cleaned professionally.

• Remove all stains, dust, and spider webs from corners.

• Open all windows just before the arrival of potential buyers to add a nice breeze and fresh smell to the home

• All hardwood floors need to be polished to a nice shine, or refinished if they're dull and lacking life.

Prepare the yard of your Alaska house for sale

• Make sure to rake the lawn, trim hedges and bushes, and remove all debris accumulated over the winter months in the corners and low lying areas of the property.

• Remove all overgrown vegetation from windows, pathways and entrances leading to the house to let sunlight showcase the natural exterior beauty of your home.

• Make sure to have the lawn of your Alaska house for sale mowed diagonally, which makes the yard appear bigger to the eye, and the edges along the driveway moved nicely. Potential buyers will be impressed by the care you take in keeping your home looking new and the attention to details.

• Plant nice looking flowers in the ground or in containers to add visual and natural appeal to your Alaska house for sale. Some sellers believe adding yellow flowers around the interior and exterior stimulates the urge to buy in some people.

• Colorful tulips and daffodils in the interior are said to create a feeling of happiness and calmness in people. Arranging groups of four or five potted plants near the entrance provides a feeling of balance and order.

Brighten up your Alaska house for sale

• Create a world within your Alaska house for sale potential buyers can see themselves living in and enjoying life by adding textures and colour to environments.

• Put out towels, throws, and pillows with a soft hue or colour to highlight the spring season. Hanging softly colored towels on racks in the bathroom will lighten up the room, while nicely rolled wash towels on the bathroom counter adds a touch of style and fashion.

Lay out the welcome mat at the front door of your Alaska house for sale

• Spring in Alaska is unpredictable at best, so make sure to put out a welcome mat at the front door for guests to wipe their shoes. Leaving out a stylish rack for umbrellas, shoes, hats and coats is always a touch nice potential buyers will appreciate when viewing an Alaska house for sale.

• Make sure to keep plenty of chilled drinks around for potential buyers coming to take a look at your Alaska house for sale. Providing a nice snack to people on a house-hunt is always a good way to break-the-ice. It's also an opportunity to show off the kitchen in your home.

Use the ideas we have provided above to prepare your Alaska house for sale for the crowds of potential buyers that will be arriving to take a look. By implementing the steps we have outlined, you'll sell your home quicker, and get a better price in the long run.

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