Ideas For the Best Home Listings

Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 11:10am.

Writing the best home listing isn't easy.  You already know to add Home Selling features such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms, contact information and price. That's not enough to convince a buyer to purchase your home. A wise real estate advertising person once said you sell the sizzle, not the steak.  What they mean is you don't advertise the meat, you advertise how it will smell and taste and how good you will feel later.  

Here are some ideas to incorporate into your home listing.


•    Mention major home features.  Something makes the home unique and special.  It can be the backyard, the patio, a spacious living area, breathtaking views from every room - whatever it is, give a special shootout to it.
•    Don't be afraid to brag.  Mention the countertop material, if the appliances are stainless steel, if it's hardwood floors or the type of tile on the floor and backsplash.  Mention brand name appliances and amenities.  Add positive statistics about the area.  The goal is to make your home luxurious.  Make the buyer feel like they will be missing out if they pass up the home.
•    Compare prices in the area to your home.  Speaking of statistics, many people don't know if they are getting a good deal.  Let them know that their price is lower than the competition by using facts.  Tell them that for what they are getting it is a good deal.
•    Mention positive benefits in the neighborhood.  Is it close to a major freeway?  Are there schools nearby?  Does it have shops, restaurants or entertainment activities?  Is it close to hospitals, libraries, fire departments, Laundromats or police station?  Each neighborhood is something special.  Focus on what is beneficial to the buyer.
•    Use adjectives.  Being direct doesn't sell homes.  Spinning unpleasant features and using energetic words do.  Words like "captivating," "exquisite," "cozy" and "unsurpassed" gets buyers excited about your home.  However, using too much adjectives is a lot of fluff with no substance.  Balance out average explanations with stylish adjectives.
•    Be honest.  While being direct doesn't sell homes, making up false claims doesn't sell homes either.  Understand that the buyer will visit the home and see that you are fabricating.

The home listing is the first interaction between you and the buyer.  It needs to be the best description you ever wrote. As always for more tips, tricks and ideas on home listings, contact us.

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