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Property that you buy for appreciation or real estate income purposes

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Your Realtor is the best resource you have during the home buying process, and he/she will walk you through it in as stress-free a way as possible. To help you prepare for your upcoming purchase, here are a few things you should know about negotiating the purchase of a home...


Have the property inspected

Hire a home inspector to inspect the property. This isn't very expensive, between $250 and $400 in Anchorage.  This accomplishes two things at once. First, it will give you a first look at any major issues with the house, like code compliance items or items that might be getting ready to fail. Because the inspector will find at least a few things that need attention, you can reference these problems with the seller.

If it's not in writing,

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When you decide to buy a home, one of the most important factors to consider is your interest rate. With poor credit, you can expect a higher interest rate, which can have a huge impact on your monthly payments. Ideally, you should understand some different ways to avoid higher rates on your mortgage.


Pay for a Lower Rate low (2)

A surefire option to reduce your interest rates is to pay for lower rates. If you have some extra money saved up, it might be worth it to pay for a lower rate, which can provide you with great savings on a monthly basis. For example, over the period of the loan, you could save thousands of dollars by paying for just a quarter of a percent off.  When you buy the rate down, it is called paying "points."


Find a Co-Signer

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When interest rates are this good, a lot of people feel the need to rush their home buying ventures. However, getting a mortgage is an involved process. You are not going to find the perfect home and be able to get a mortgage the next day. Here are some tips to make sure that you ready to be preapproved for a mortgage!pREAPPROVED

  • Look at your credit score. Make sure that it appears to be accurate. Are there any unpaid debts on there that shouldn't be? Are there inconsistencies that you need to look into? Be sure to start taking care of any potential issues now.
  • Work on paying off your debt. You won't be disqualified if you have some debt, but creditors won't approve you for a mortgage if you have too much. Start paying off as much of your debt as possible
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If you plan to list your home in Anchorage, Alaska, or anywhere really, you will be facing a home inspection.  Either ou can get a 'pre-market" home inspection done, or your buyer will do one after making an offer.  It’s important to pass a home inspection (home inspectors typically spot all the defects with your real estate property).  According to a recent article by RealtyToday, unexpected large repairs often complicates and lengthens the entire selling process.  Instead of feeling nervous or anxious about the home inspection, consider ways to get ahead of it; you can address problems in advance to speed up the home selling process.  An experienced Anchorage Realtor will let you know the market value of your home and give you advice on major fixes. 

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If you own Anchorage real estate, or if you're thinking of buying some, you've already made a good decision - real estate is one of the strongest investments around! It's so different from other types of investments, which helps make it particularly profitable. However, there are several costs besides your monthly mortgage payments associated with owning property. Although it's generally still more than worth it, it's important to consider all of these expenses, both prior to purchasing the property and while you own it. Here are a few costs of maintaining a home.



If you owned your house out-right, insurance wouldn't be required, however it's extremely important and would be foolish not to have it. Any lender would require homeowners

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Staging your home for sale might sound simple: slap on a fresh coat of paint, buy a couple house plants, and make sure everything is clean, works, and smells nice. But unless you're some kind of superhero, keeping your house clean, staged, and ready to view at all times is difficult, and there are times you might get a call and need to have the house ready to view in half an hour. Here are some of our favorite quick tips for even quicker staging:


Keep the Monster Messes in the ClosetSell my Anchorage home- what is my home worth

One of the best things you can do when you need to stage your home quickly is utilize a dump space. Choose a spot, or a few spots, in your home where most prospective buyers wouldn't look, like a closet in the bedroom and a junk drawer in the kitchen - when you

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With the hot rental market, some people wonder whether they should sell or keep their old home when buying a step-up house in upscale Anchorage, Alaska. An article by points out some people skip the home selling process even though they are becoming move-up buyers. It’s no longer a matter of trading up to a nicer, more expensive home. In some cases, your old Anchorage home could make a lucrative rental property with very little home improvements. reports most real estate investors don’t flip their properties for profit. Instead, 65 percent keep the homes as rental properties. Before making a final decision, talk to a Realtor who specializes in Anchorage, Alaska housing and real estate trends. Depending what kind of

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You went ahead and invested your hard earned money in an Anchorage land for sale. Now, you just have to prepare the land for the spring season, and any associated problems that might come up such as spring flood, which are common during this time of year. If you bought your land as an investment property, it is crucial you take the time to keep your property in shape and protected from potential disasters. Here are some ways you can prepare your Anchorage land for sale during the spring season:

After Purchasing Anchorage Land for Sale, Prepare for the Spring Season

Prepare for the Worst, Expect the Best

If you're about to experience spring in Anchorage Alaska, it's important you take the time to prepare for potential disasters. Purchasing

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Owning a piece of Alaska real estate requires time and commitment from the owner. In order to maintain the value of your Alaska real estate, it is key that you keep up with your home during the spring season. Below we offer a few ideas on the important steps you need to take during the spring season to get your Alaska real estate in great shape for the coming summer and the rest of the year.

Important Steps in Maintaining Alaska Real Estate in Spring

Maintaining the yard

Once all the snow is gone, you can begin by inspecting the yard of your Alaska real estate for areas that need attention and care. Keep the points below in mind as you make a list of items you need to take care of.

• Clean all house gutters of debris built up over the winter

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With vacancy rates so low for Anchorage rentals, it is a good time to invest in real estate. When finding homes to fix up and turn into rentals, many investors gravitate toward foreclosures and short sales. On the downside, it can take a while to close on a deal on Anchorage foreclosures and short sales. On the plus side, you are more likely to get a great deal, which gives you more money to fix up the property to rent it out at a profit. An experienced Anchorage Realtor can also show you homes that are traditional sales. Some traditional sales also work as investment properties, especially if it’s a motivated seller. According to an article by, not all of the foreclosure deals are as compelling as they were when the housing recovery started.

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