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Starter homes are generally the "Entry-level homes" desired by first-time homebuyers or young buyers just getting started with their jobs, careers and families.

These "starter homes" in Anchorage, Alaska also have great appeal to empty-nesters or retirees who want a vacation home or year-round home that fits their budget. According to an article by, there are several reasons why there is a bit of a national shortage of entry-level type homes. An experienced Anchorage Realtor, like Wolf Real Estate Professionals,  can help you locate homes for sale in Anchorage Alaska in the lower price range that’s still in a desirable neighborhood. points out starter homes are scarce right now because of investors who turned them into rental

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When you finalize your purchase after you buy a new home, you may not be prepared for all of the paperwork you'll have to complete.  Your lender will have given you a very detailed estimate and break-down of the closing costs, pro-rations of taxes, deposits and other fees you will be responsible for. Closing costs (a catch-all term for the last fees due) can be a bit overwhelming that it's like a second sticker shock for some.    

The fees start with the home inspection and credit report and then build to things like loan origination fees and appraisal cost. But there are some ways to save with a little extra savvy. Here are some tips to help you reduce closing costs.

Look for the lowest fee before you begin. Or even get several quotes from a

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You love the holidays but hate all the complication and clutter that comes with it. You have to buy, send and file Christmas cards; shop, wrap and give gifts; and unwrap and organize gifts that you get in your home with barely any space. Here are some tips for the current and next seasons that will simplify your life.    

Go digital.

Much of the holiday clutter comes from having to deal with physical items, such as gift wrap, gifts, and holiday cards inside your house. You can eliminate these complications for next season by putting them online. Do your shopping on popular consumer websites, have them wrap the gifts and add holiday greetings, and then ship everything to your recipient. As for the cards you do get from everyone else, either scan or

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When thinking of looking at homes for sale in Anchorage Alaska, most people have a few questions about the financing needed to buy a new house in Anchorage. We hear a lot of questions about down payments for Anchorage homes, so we wanted to discuss some of the typical down payments amounts to help prospective home owners prepare.     

Down Payment Amounts

Home owners can put own as little as 5 percent of their own money in as a down payment - and in some cases even zero percent down, such with Federal or State veterans programs and with other specific home buyer assistance programs. In these cases, home owners may need to purchase additional mortgage insurance that guarantees home mortgage payment.  As a general guideline to avoid mortgage

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Although spring and early summer may be prime time to sell an Anchorage home because of families trying to get settled in time for the school year, another good time to sell is during the holiday break. Often buyers have the time available to look for a home.  

When preparing to sell your home in the fall and winter, take full advantage of the holidays and the positive memories they may evoke. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, staging a home for the holiday season can be fun. According to an article by on home staging tips for the holiday, most real estate experts advise putting up non-religious decorations for open houses.

Appealing to the sense of smell

 Although 8 percent of Realtors surveyed by said

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Buying a foreclosed home is an ideal way of investing in affordable property.  Foreclosures are up considerably in Anchorage, which is one of the major housing markets in the state. If you’re considering buying a foreclosed home, here's what you need to know regarding Anchorage foreclosures.  

How a Foreclosure Works

The process starts when a homeowner or borrower fails to make loan payments with the lender having to file a public notice of default. If the borrower still can’t make monthly loan payments, the lender can repossess the property, reselling it to recover the loan cost.

In Alaska, foreclosure sales are done at public auctions at the front doors of local courthouses. The homes are sold to the highest bidder, which may include the

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House hunters may joyfully tromp through the snow to look at homes in Anchorage, Alaska, but selling your home in the winter takes some extra consideration. During the spring and summer prospective home buyers may be able to appreciate your vibrant green yard and flower gardens, decks, balconies and outdoor living space. Some home selling tips that can make a difference includes paying close attention to curb appeal, staging and highlighting any features that warm the home from fireplaces to heated floors. 

In the winter, some Anchorage homes tend to feel a little claustrophobic and dark. A reputable Anchorage Realtor can help you get your home ready to sell as well as market it to prospective buyers in Anchorage and around the country. According to an

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Home buying in the twenty-first century should come with a handbook of do's and don'ts!

While it's true that planning can help out tremendously for first time homebuyers, even those who are armed with the previous knowledge can sometimes get into trouble. Which is to say, people so often get in over their heads when they buy their first home, they have no resources to help dig themselves out when times are tough.   

That's because (unfortunately) there are more costs associated with owning a home than just a mortgage, a fact that is overlooked far too often.

Here are three often overlooked costs of owning a home that you should be aware of.

Taxes on Property

New homeowners sign the dotted line for their lender, but ultimately

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Experts say the number of multigenerational households has reached a record high. For families living or relocating to Anchorage, there are a lot of spacious homes that accommodate several generations living under one roof.

Some simple home buying tips for the multi-generational household include layouts that provide privacy and separation as well as communal space. Some homes may have separate entryways, which is even more ideal for some households. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors, 57 million Americans or about 18 percent lived in households with several generations in 2012. Although the trend has been driven by young people in their 20s and early 30s living at home,

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Buying a fixer-upper home in Anchorage, Alaska may seem like the more affordable option. However, there are a lot of hidden costs to renovating a "vintage" or older home. Before buying a home that needs some work, consider the pros and cons of move-in ready or turnkey Anchorage Alaska real estate versus a “project.” According to an article by U.S. News & World Report, properties in need of serious repairs may cost homeowners more money and time than they realize. The article advises people to consider the location and risks before undertaking a complete home makeover. A lot of people are realizing the benefits of living in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska, where they can find everything from new construction inventory homes, lots for building custom homes as

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