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Spring is here which means its home buying season! Are you looking for an Alaska house for sale that has “curb appeal”? As a buyer the first thing you will see is the outside of a home. Curb appeal is the attractiveness of the exterior of a residential.

If you are looking for a home with curb appeal, look no further than these 3 houses that are on the market right now! These Alaska houses for sale include manicured lawns, lush gardens and finished patios.

Check them out and see if an Alaska house for sale on this list makes you want to give us a call and schedule a showing.

3 Homes to Buy Now with Spring Curb Appeal

Beautiful Home with Sunset Facing Deck & Lush Landscaping


5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, 4,223 square feet

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Alaska is commonly referred to as the last frontier, and for a very good reason. Compared to many of the lower forty-eight Alaska Land for Sale: What Area To Buy Instates, Alaska has the most natural, untouched Alaska land for sale. Alaska is the ideal place for nature lovers, and for anyone who prefers colder temperatures. If you fit into either category, you would be delighted to know that there is Alaska land for sale in multiple regions of the state. Whether you are interested in a home in the country, in the city, or somewhere in between, your ideal Alaska home is waiting for you. Perhaps you do not know what you are looking for? This guide can help you find your home base for your adventure in the last frontier.

Alaska Land for Sale: What Area To Buy In

#1 Are you interested in

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One of the many reasons that you may have moved to Alaska is because you enjoy the marked differences among seasons. For example, you look forward to a winter that's cold and full of now. While you may enjoy the falling flakes and play in the white powder, you'll eventually have to get out of your house and head for school or work. You can only do that if you shovel snow effectively by following these tips.

Top Of The Mountain 

Treat It as Exercise

Shoveling snow is hard physical labor, as taxing as any gym workout. Just as you would before any exercise, you want to warm your body up by jogging in place and moving you arms and back multiple times. Don't forget to stretch the body parts you expect to use including your back, shoulders, and hamstrings. Then start

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Has relocating to Anchorage been something of a lifelong dream? A dream that you kept putting off for one reason or another? And now that reason has come down to the purely economic? Well, if part of the reason you put off relocating to Anchorage was because you are one of those people who did all the right things while deferring your dream, you just may possibly be sitting on more than enough money to finally fulfill that ambition. 

Property For Sale 5

And you may not even have realized that such a windfall of liquid assets was so close. 

A whole life insurance policy differs from a term life insurance policy in that you are continually getting closer and closer to achieving a minimum dollar figure known as the cash surrender value. (Or, in some cases, known only

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Alaska Home for Sale: Buying a Home in the Off SeasonThere are fewer houses on the Alaska real estate market right now, but there are advantages to buying an Alaska home for sale in the winter.

No matter what everyone says, buying in homes in Alaska in the winter is not a bad thing. Many people think that if you buy a home in the winter, you have missed the market window for the year.

Want to know the truth? There are pros and cons to buying an Alaska home for sale in the off season.

When Is The Buying Season for An Alaska Home For Sale?

In Alaska, buying a home for sale between May and September is considered the peak buying season. During the winter months, inventory is low, its cold and many homes come off the market so sellers can enjoy the holidays with their family.

During buying season

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We're used to snowy winters in Anchorage and welcome the white blankets as a signal of the season. We go about our daily business in cold conditions that would stop other cities dead in their tracks. But that doesn't mean you should remain complacent. There will be times when emergency conditions can trap you in your homes for days at a time. A good time to prepare for those situations is immediately after home buying.

Prepare for emergency in winter Alaska

  • If your home relies on gas or electricity for heating, look for alternative sources of heat. Wood-burning fireplaces are ideal but are costly to put in after-the-fact. Consider a wood-burning stove instead, which is far easier to install in a corner of a room.
  • If you run a business out of your home, you can't afford to be
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Millennials (those born after 1982), are now rapidly approaching an age where buying a home is attractive. While many people in this category tend to stay in touch by texting, this isn’t always advisable when buying a property. In order to communicate efficiently, nothing beats face to face conversation to help potential buyers fully articulate their needs.


In order to find the right home, real estate agents need to get to know their clients somewhat. This can be difficult to do if their only communication with a buyer has been through electronic devices. Holding an informal meeting in person is perhaps the best way for agents and clients to ensure they are on the same page when it comes to finding the right property.

It can also be

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Maintaining the exterior of your home or vacation home in Anchorage is a chore. Year round, you've got long grass, dead flowers, and dull colors to revive after harsh weather conditions. You've got to mow and edge your lawn and weed your flowerbeds in the summer. In addition, with the winter time ice and snow, the list just gets much longer.

Many people hire someone to take care of snow removal and yard upkeep, but this becomes expensive and doing it yourself is not only unpleasant; who has the time? If your thoughts on exterior maintenance are somewhat like this, then you should consider buying a condo instead of a home. This is because exterior maintenance comes along with the cost of your condo.

Condos in Anchorage range in price from $60,000,

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Are you relocating to Anchorage during the winter? If you're one of our neighbors to the south, you may imagine streets of igloos bathed in 24-hour-a-day darkness.Relocating to Anchorage During the Winter: 5 Tips

Let us be the first to tell you: Anchorage winters are beautiful, temperate, and boast plenty of daylight. Although the snow falls from mid-October through mid-April, we enjoy a pleasant maritime climate with highs in the lower 20s in our coldest month (December). And unlike Barrow on the northern border of Alaska (which sees 67 days of night during the winter), the shortest span of winter daylight is still over 5 hours. Not many complain when the Northern Lights take over, shooting vibrant shades of reds, blues, and greens across the sky as early as 8:00 p.m. during the winter.

5 Tips to

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Living in Anchorage has it's own unique set of challenges when it comes to maintaining a home in a cold weather climate.  When winter closes in, our residents often follow a comprehensive checklist as they prepare their homes for those long winter nights.

Many of the preparations are the same, or similar, to those performed on homes in the lower 48 where snow and ice are part of the landscape in winter.  The only difference is how you might be dealing with longer periods of time in a deep freeze here in Alaska.

This list can give you a fairly good idea of what you will be tackling as you prepare your home for the warm and cozy nights under the northern lights.

Cabin in winter forest


Anyone who has dealt with temperatures that drop below freezing is

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