Most Common Things To Fix After Buying Anchorage Foreclosed Homes

Posted by Dan Wolf on Tuesday, October 15th, 2013 at 2:27pm.

Most Common Things To Fix After Buying Anchorage Foreclosed Homes

For some buyers, the thought of a new home can be a lot more appealing than purchasing Anchorage foreclosed homes. Why? New homes can come with huge kitchens, plenty of bathrooms, and big spacious master suites.  However, Anchorage foreclosed homes have character and can be fixed into your dream home.

3 Areas Commonly Fixed

After buying an Anchorage foreclosed home, think about what can be changed and what needs to be repaired.  The most common spaces in a home to be repaired or changed are these three areas:

#1. The Bathroom

Sometimes there is a shortage of bathrooms in Anchorage foreclosed homes.  Some owners complain about the house not having a powder room.  Guests are forced to go down a hallway or upstairs to go to the bathroom.  A recast can be done to a closet or under stairs area.  A powder room can fit into a small space.  The space can be as small as four by four feet.  When you put a bathroom next to where the existing plumbing is such as the upstairs bathroom, laundry room, or the kitchen, it makes adding a bathroom a whole lot easier.  It will also help you save money as well.

#2. The Master Suite

Older Anchorage foreclosed homes typically have smaller master suites.  They also have small closet space and they do not have a bathroom in the room.  Removing a wall will allow you to open up space  for a sitting room, master bath, or closet.  If there is no additional room, try creating a master suite in the attic. Attics can make for spacious areas that will allow you to create a master loft with that space.  You can also add a master suite over an attached garage.

#3. The Kitchen

A wall between the kitchen and the dining area can be removed to add space to Anchorage foreclosed homes. This can make room for an island, additional seating, underneath storage, or more countertop space. 

Other Repairs

After buying an Anchorage foreclosed home, you will find other fixes and repairs that can be done to the home as well.  In some cases the house may need a fresh coat of paint. If so, the wallpaper and paint may need to be stripped.  Although anyone can paint the inside of a house, some people prefer hiring professional painters for painting the outside of the house.  Sometimes windows and doors may also need to be updated or replaced in Anchorage foreclosed homes. 

Updating the kitchen in an Anchorage foreclosed home can have a big effect on the final value of the home. Buying a new sink or cabintry can increase the value of the home significantly. Some other easy repairs may include replacing the trim of the house, updating light fixtures and adding an outdoor deck or patio.

As well as making small repairs, there will also be some big repairs Anchorage foreclosed homes may need. For instance, the two most common big fixes are sewer lines and plumbing. These types of fixes will require a professional. It is crucial to get the plumbing correct the first time, especially when dealing with houses attached to sewer systems. Another common but expensive fix is the roof. Roof jobs for an Anchorage foreclosed home can be a bit pricey although some homeowners feel they can do it themselves. While fixing the roof, check the condition of the HVAC system. An efficient HVAC system can help save money in energy expenses. For an Anchorage foreclosed home, it is worth updating the HVAC system.

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