Some of My Better Alaska Real Estate Blog Entries

Posted by Dan Wolf on Saturday, June 2nd, 2012 at 8:15pm.

My son Cody looking back - Dad?  Are you Rowing?I was asked to share a few thoughts with a group of new real estate licensee's last week. The students wanted to hear about the work I've done on blogging. Someone asked me about what I thought were my some of my better blog entries. That's a "head scratcher" because I've had quite a few I thought were insightful.I had to look back through some blogs to give share with you a few of my better Blog posts and articles on my perspectives on Anchorage Alaska real estate.

What does "Grandfathered In" mean in Real Estate? Funny, you hear people through around the word "grandfathered" pretty commonly. What does it mean and what things can actually be Grandfathered" in?

Buyer and Seller Personal Perspectives in Real Estate Transactions; Is the glass half full or half empty? It's interesting the different perspectives one can come across selling homes and condominiums in Anchorage!

Lease Purchase Agreements Can Be Difficult & Wrought with Problems. Sure, the buyer wants to buy, but probably is waiting for an event to happen, most likely involving money coming soon. There are a million variables that can come up and it's close to impossible to write a purchase and sale agreement to cover all the "what if's" and be fair to both the buyer and seller in a real property sale.

Buyers Eight Step Plan to Purchase Their First Home. When you buy your first home, most people need a plan, it not just accidental they end up with a house. Here is a clear plan to follow for first time home buyers.

CRS - Certified Residentual Specialist - It just makes good sense! What is a "residential specialist" and how can that help represent a buyers interests and also to focus on a seller's specific needs?

This was really fun - Pretty True, too! Buying a Forclosure; The listing agent is so-o-o busy. The forms are special and well, I just don't have time to help you; did I mention I'm really busy?

10 Tips to Sellyour Home in any Market Condition; Real estate markets cycle and swing like a pendulum, sometimes favoring buyers and sometimes favoring sellers. Here are tried and true procedures to help you sell your property sooner than others in any real estate market.

Home Money Saving Tips that Really Work! A penny saved is a penny earned right? Here's something that doesn't cost a lot to implement and can save you a bunch of money in utility costs down the road.

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