“It’s ONLY Carpeting” – When you are selling, the properties condition is very important!

Posted by Dan Wolf on Thursday, April 19th, 2012 at 12:58pm.

I received a call from a frustrated home owner who had been trying to sell their home for last year. The home listing was currently expired, but had been on the market with two different companies the previous year. The seller wanted to sell and wanted my opinion on why the house hadn’t sold.

I looked at the property and was impressed with the condition. First, it was very clean – the seller was extremely picky! The seller assured me no one had ever walked on the carpet with their shoes on! Second, the sellers had made several really good upgrades such as tile counter tops, new lighting, interior paint and bathroom remodels. Yet, the home had never had an offer…

It's only carpeting!  Good Quality Too in Anchorage Home!

Great house, well maintained, nice upgrades -Maroon carpet!

One thing I saw and told the seller was the carpet color - it was dark maroon! As soon as I said that, the seller got very defensive and said the grade of the carpet was much better than others, the pad was thicker, and he just WASN’T going to replace it – end of discussion.

I listed the property with the thought, “It’s Only Carpet and the rest of the house is so nice, we can negotiate it later if it comes up. We had numerous showings and did receive the feedback “the buyer didn’t like the carpeting color”. I kept telling agents to make an offer asking for a carpet allowance, but no offer came.

I talked to the seller asking if they would let me say in the MLS listing for buyers and agents to see “Seller will pay $_,___ towards buyers choice of carpeting.“ I received a serious “no” on the subject – “it’s off the table, we’ve already spent too much on this house…!

Cosmetically superior!  Neutral colored carpeting

New Carpet - It made all the differance!

Finally after a month of showings and no offer, the seller was getting a desperate sinking feeling. Maybe they had a weak moment, but they did pick out a basic quality, neutral, but attractive, cut Berber carpet in your tyical oatmeal color and had it installed in the house.

Guess what? The next buyer who looked at the house made an offer which was negotiated through and we closed the sale; The seller was frustrated initially, but now they are moved, on with their lives and happy it’s over. And there is one happy buyer family!

Moral of the story? I’m not sure, maybe listen to the Realtors and get your personal biases out of the equation? Or, maybe most buyers don’t have any imagination, so you have to replace loud colors with neutral ones because you can’t trust the buyer to “see” the house as it could be, over what it is now!

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