Possible Zoning Changes for New Homes in Anchorage Alaska

Posted by Dan Wolf on Thursday, January 17th, 2013 at 10:56am.

Homes In Anchorage AlaskaAccording to recent article in the Anchorage Daily News as well on Alaska Dispatch, the Planning and Zoning Commission is holding a public hearing regarding our city's land use zoning code. Portions are still being evaluated like lighting issues, or how close a house may be to a stream, but a few sections have a direct effect on homes for sale in anchorage alaska. Local developers and builders as well as the real estate community say the changes will certainly cause prices to increase.  

Here are a few changes to note that may impact a buyer's purchase decisions.

Garden style homes, sometimes called patio-homes and townhouses appeal to buyers who want low maintenance and affordable housing. Considering how much wetter and colder Anchorage's summer of 2012 was compared to previous years, being able to drive into an attached garage can be a real plus. The new code restricts the size of a garage to 67% of the front of a house or a group of town-homes. Developers say while the new zoning changes may look good, the cost of the lots will increase and there will be less homes per acre, increasing the costs to the buyer.

Although changes in the code limit the front attached garage size, it still takes the weather into account. It specifically addresses winter weather issues such as snow storage and related amenities on new properties. The new proposal requires builders to offer at least four weather related benefits like an ice-free walkway or an indoor atrium.

Plant life has been a growing concern in Anchorage and new zoning rules show that trees are a necessity. If you choose a new home instead of an existing Anchorage location, you must have at least one tree on your property. Even if you choose an established property, the code has incentives to keep trees already growing on your lot.

The zoning proposal demands new builders give more options to purchasers by requiring at least six different housing styles in every subdivision. It even specifies that roofs, windows and entrances need to be different. These proposals not only encourage diversity in design, but also in cost by supporting narrower lots and clustered housing.

For the city to be addressing these codes now when they haven't focused on it in 2 years, shows that Anchorage is growing. They are gearing up to improve upon new homes for sale in Anchorage, Alaska giving buyers more options to choose from.

Contact us for more direction on choosing a new home that won't be affected by these zoning changes should they pass.

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