Property Taxes in Anchorage - It's about time

Posted by Dan Wolf on Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 at 3:04pm.

Taxes are paid on a calendar year on real Property in Anchorage Alaska. Interestingly, the Municipality of Anchorage send out the "assessment" or valuation in mid-May each year. Usually within 30 days, the multiplier called the "mill-rate" is announced. The assessed value multiplied by the mill-rate gives property owners the tax due for that calendar year.

The Municipality of Anchorage sends either the owner or their lender the tax bill. Taxes are due in two installments, but the due dates are close together. The first installment, or first half of the year is due June 15th and the second half is due August 15th.

Property Tax is Due in Anchorage Alaska Real EstateTaxes are generally prorated at closing with the seller owning for the number of days they owned the property, and the buyer owing for the balance of the year. If the seller has already paid the taxes, the buyer reimburses the seller for those days at closing.

There is more detail on the subject on the municipal site or on my other blog by clicking here.

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