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Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, June 9th, 2014 at 5:21am.

A Realtor is the best solution to Home Selling.  Adding your social media accounts in addition to using a realtor will give you more exposure.  In turn, your home will have more opportunities to sell.  Realtors + Social Media = Winning combination.

Real estate websites such as Zillow, Trulia and are showing your home to a worldwide audience.  Before these websites were in existence, home listings were centralized on a local or statewide location.  It was rare for anyone outside the city or state will know about it unless it's about moving to the state.  The real estate websites display the home to locals, people who are planning to move here, and people who plan to go one place changed their mind because of the nice homes.  Home listings list the advertisement; real estate websites show the listing, photos, and video.  The realtor and you work together to add the information on these websites.

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and Pinterest aren't just for bonding and sharing photos.  In real estate, these sites are a force to be reckoned with.  You can kill two birds with one stone by sharing information and advertising your home.  Your network will pass the information on to friends and family that are interested.  Don't forget to use your sites like Tumblr, WordPress, YouTube and Vimeo to spread the word.  Here's how to handle real estate on social media.

  • Choose the platforms with the most traffic.  You have an idea of which sites are getting response and which isn't.  Focus on two to four different social networks (a general site, a blog or website, a photo site and a video site, for example). 
  • Use the same ad you placed in newspapers for social media.  You can also place a link to real estate websites.
  • Add more information about the home that isn't added already.  Tell a story and get specific as to why your home deserves to be sold.  Express the selling points of the home in further detail.  Add more photos and videos to these sites.
  • Too much of anything is bad, and that includes self=promotion.  Talking about your home all the time is going to turn more friends/followers/circles/connections off than you realize.  Talk about it once a week.

Social media expanded our minds in searching for real estate.  You can find out anything without leaving the computer or mobile device.  Real estate websites attract people who are looking for homes; social media attracts everyone else.  For more information on selling, contact us, Wolf Real Estate Professionals in Anchorage Alaska and serving Anchorage, Eagle River, Chugach and the Matanuska Valley.

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