Staging a Home in Anchorage Alaska: Is the Lived in Look Better?

Posted by Dan Wolf on Monday, January 12th, 2015 at 8:24am.

When staging a home for sale, some people assume it’s best to have a home set up to look as though it has never been lived in before. When a home looks as though the previous owners have moved on, the buyer may start to sense desperation to sell. After all, few people want to be making payments on two mortgages. According to an article by The Tampa Bay Times, some home sellers are going so far as to hire “human props” to live in their homes until they get sold. While the house sitters do keep the home clean, they also make it look a little lived in. Homes, experts have found, sell faster when there are clothes left in the closet and dishes in the dishwasher. A Realtor who is experienced in the Anchorage housing market can offer you advice on how to stage a h ome with just the right balance.     

•    Cleaning instead of tidying up

When it comes to staging a home, it pays to have your Alaskan home thoroughly cleaned by a professional. The carpet should be steam cleaned. Even though it’s good to tidy up, you don’t want your home to look as though it’s a model that isn’t “livable.” Buyers want to move into a clean home that they can envision living in. One idea is to leave out an open book or crossword puzzle on a table with a coffee mug. The home shouldn’t be so sterile that it’s not homey.

•    Keeping it authentic

You don’t have to hire a professional stager to bring in expensive furniture and designer pieces of art that don’t fit your space. Instead, you can stage a home with new furniture that you were planning to use in your next home. Put out your best table clothes, drapes and towels, but don’t remove all the clothing from the closets and all the dishes from the cabinets. House hunters can tell if a home feels authentic or too staged.

•    Walking through your yard

If there are no foot tracks in your yard even after a major snowfall, people who tour your home might think no one lives there. A buyer who thinks a home is vacant may try to offer a lot less than your asking price. Even if you really have moved or are out-of-town when the home is being viewed by prospective buyers, ask a friend or handyman to do a few odd jobs around the yard.

Finally, have fresh flowers, cookies or other items arranged nicely in your home. Most homes that are vacant don’t smell of fresh-baked bread. Ask your Realtor how he or she can help you stage your home if you are out of the area so it has just the right homey and cozy feeling.

At Wolf Real Estate, we can help sell your Anchorage home at the best possible price. For more help selling or staging a home in Anchorage Alaska, please contact us.

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