Staging a Home to Maximize Space: 3 Tips to Make a Small Home Look Larger

Posted by Dan Wolf on Tuesday, July 7th, 2015 at 7:58am.

Staging a home helps prospective buyers better visualize themselves in your home, thus increasing your chances of making a sale. When you're working with a smaller space, careful staging can also help make the space appear larger and more open. Here are a few staging tips to help you maximize even the smallest of spaces.             

Paint Neutral Colors

Start by saying goodbye to any dark or bold colors throughout your home. While you might love the colors you chose, your new buyers might not. Plus, darker and bolder colors tend to make small spaces look even tinier. By re-painting with neutral colors (cremes and whites, for example), you can maximize the appearance of space and give your buyers a "blank canvas."

Maximize Natural Light

Lots of natural light can also make a space appear even larger, so when staging your home for showings or open houses, make sure window treatments are open so that plenty of natural light can flood in. Replace any dark window treatments (such as black-out curtains) are replaced with something lighter, such as a set of sheer curtains, and remove any furniture pieces that may be blocking windows.

Keep Only the Essentials

Finally, go through and de-clutter your space as much as possible, keeping only the bare essentials. For instance, a bed and dresser might be more appropriate for showing off a bedroom space than large and cumbersome pieces, like an armoire or entertainment center. Consider placing larger and unnecessary furniture items in storage in the meantime.

Staging a home an important step, but it's just a part of the process of selling your home. Be sure to contact us at 248-9653 or visit us online at for professional assistance in getting your home sold as painlessly as possible.

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